HFFG's own line of high-quality nutritional supplements

Be sure to check out HFFG's growing line of high-quality nutritional supplements, as well as other products to help get and keep your family healthy!

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Could a single food in your diet be responsible for your health problems?

Be sure to check out HFFG's first ever book, Gluten: Biblical or Bad? Research, info, and tips to help decide if gluten is right (or wrong) for your family

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Health & Nutrition Evaluation Services

For four years, I have helped many people get their health back, even after various medical specialists were unable to help them. My education includes studying as a certified nutritional consultant and currently am pursuing additional certification in naturopathic health. I have clients all over the world, as well as local clients, and am also a nutritional consultant for a local birth center. Let me know how I can help you too!

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