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Since 2010, I have counseled clients with nutritional therapies to help them combat various health issues. Here’s what some of my clients and others are saying:

I never knew truly how bad the food I was eating was, I knew I was sick, I knew I had no energy, I knew I had pain when I ate but the doctor’s blamed it on a new illness or disease. I’m so glad I asked you questions and even though I didn’t want to give up potato chips and boxed meals I did it. I rarely eat anything pre made. I eat fresh fruits and veggies a lot and make my own meals. I feel so much healthier and with stopping all pills that were prescribed I am a new person again!

This comment came from a client in November. She hired me in July:

I had fasting bloodwork in June (those are the results I used for my health questionnaire). I just had to have not-fasting bloodwork last week for my insurance. I’ve managed to take all the supplements you suggested and I am eating a lot more vegetables and exercising more (not enough, but more). My bloodwork plummetted!!! Triglyercides down over 100 points, Cholesterol down 30 points, HDL up/LDL down, BP down to 112/78. The lab even sent me a letter saying these results were so off from June that they reran the tests to confirm their accuracy! Is this really possible??? Thanks for the amazing help you’ve given me over the months!!


I have changed my life from listening to Sara and her wise knowledge of food. I feel absolutely amazing eating healthy and not craving the garbage I used to eat!


I was stunned when I read [my daughter’s] report as to how little I know about taking care of our bodies properly. The Lord has been dealing with me about getting [her] and me healthy….naturally. I really had no idea where to begin and told God he was going to have to send me someone to help me. I am more than thankful He sent me you.


She did a wonderful job presenting healing solutions for me. Great explanations and research to support her advice.


Thank you Sara. You are amazing and I am grateful for your hard work. The wealth of the information you provided and the spiritual encouragement are a real help for me and my family. You are a blessing!


We have been so healthy this last year, since I began getting us off sugar- mostly (not perfectly… we do splurge, but for the most part, I really do watch it). It really is crazy. The first few years of kids, I just figured runny noses came with the territory. I know differently now. My kids have had 1 cold since last winter- and that was very short lived compared to what they used to be. Just wanted to thank you, for being so instrumental in that! I probably will never be as disciplined as you in this world, but what I can do, I do, and it pays. Thank you! You have been a blessing to our family.


Finding your page has been such a light in my life and such a help in my journey towards better health. Thank you for all that you do.


I showed my mom your article on depression and the meds. We have slowly been working on getting her to eat healthy and not only has her cholesterol gone down into normal levels her good cholesterol was getting better! And she took your suggestion of eating a Brazil nut every day and her thyroid tests came back within normal range.


Sara helped me with a consult a couple weeks ago. I’m a very healthy eater to start with so I wasn’t sure what changes she could recommend that would help . I have to say I’m amazed at the results we have gotten in the couple short weeks and I look forward to what’s to come.


Your advice has been crucial in our journey to real health. While we cheat and use raw sugar in baking ,we try to switch out as much as possible. Everything in our house is homemade . No processed snacks, all organic ..we added fermented drinks to our diet and so much more because of your advice. Your advice was critical in keeping my son off his nebulizer and steriods a couple wks ago. 

 I have been learning SO much just by following your posts. Thank you for helping me see the other God-designed options available for our God-designed bodies!!


Your shared wisdom has helped me immensely! I am so much healthier than I was a year ago from cutting out harmful sugars, soy, etc. thank you for doing what you do!


 Sara’s health evaluation services are amazing and I highly recommend her.


Her services have been worth every penny we have spent and way more affordable then any other specialist I have been to (with more results and special attention). 


In January, you helped me get my hormones back on track as my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for several months…. well, after your help, I became pregnant 1 month later!!! I am now 12 weeks along, with a November due date.  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!! I have learned so much from you and your website and I know that I will continue to seek out your help in the future!


Since you helped me a couple months back, I have started feeling like myself and got my body and mind back to pre pregnancy. My hormones and thyroid were out of whack and everything you suggested has worked like a charm and all naturally!! Thank you!!!

How can I help you and your family to be healthy and feel great so you can do the work God has for you? For more information on utilizing my nutrition counseling services to help you and your family be a Healthy Family for God, check out my services here.  I have clients all over the world who are learning the impact nutrition can have on their health and their life!

And don’t forget to check out my new Direct Care Program that allows people to receive continuous, ongoing, 24/7 natural health advice and nutritional therapy recommendations for their family’s health at a low monthly rate!

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