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Healthy Families for God now offers some great supplements, including dairy-free infant probiotics, essential oils and related products, and more!


40-Day Challenge to Real Foods

This challenge provides participants with completed menu plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, and weekday e-newsletters to help learn how to live and eat a healthy, whole foods lifestyle.

30-Day No-Refined Sugar Challenge

This Challenge from HFFG helps people break that addiction to refined sugars and allows them to see the difference in how they feel–physically, spiritually, and emotionally–after eliminating refined sugars for 30 days!

Resources for Churches

It’s no secret that we have a health crisis in our Church.  Change needs to start somewhere, and the Church is a great place for that change to start and for us to set that example to the world! HFFG strives to offer resources so that that change CAN start with the Church.

Free Stuff

Check out the free downloadable printables that HFFG has to offer here!


Make Your Own Kombucha Probiotics!

Many people love the taste and health benefits of kombucha but don’t like the cost.  With HFFG’s kombucha starter kit, you can make it at home for a fraction of the cost of buying it at the store!

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