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You’re Not Going To Believe This…

Just a few days ago, I posted this picture on Facebook: And I shared a little of my fourth child’s story of how he loves to swing. After his 15-month vaccinations, his neurological development rapidly regressed. He began having physical health issues, some life-threatening. While many of those were reversed with holistic therapy, his sensory development greatly benefited from swinging daily. At 11-years old, I can find him on the swings whenever I am looking for him. He can (and does) sit […]

Anemia–The Real Cause & Why More Iron Will Make the Problem Worse

Iron-deficiency anemia is a problem that is growing more and more common in both adults and children. It is common to see children that are very thin, pale, and with sunken eyes. These children often cannot gain weight either. A trip to the pediatrician will often attempt to address the problem with iron supplementation and may include some dietary tips for helping increase weight. Yet both of these things WILL make the situation worse. That’s because it’s completely ignoring the […]

Natural Pest-Free Solutions for Humans, Pets, and Lawns

Here in Minnesota, spring is trying to make its debut. So even though we don’t yet get to go outside in short sleeves, we do get wood ticks, mosquitoes, and other annoying bugs already. And with a large family plus a homestead full of animals, we need something that works on a large scale.  And since I get asked about this often, I figured I better just put it into a blog post! We use all-natural pesticide alternative products from […]

5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Measles

There is a lot of misinformation out there about measles. And really important information missing. Please read these four facts about measles before making judgments about the measles “outbreaks” and before deciding if the measles vaccine is right for your kids. 1. The MMR Vaccine Uses Aborted Fetal DNA The MMR vaccine is made from and contains DNA from aborted fetal cells. The rubella portion of the vaccine was developed after an American researcher at the Wistar Institute cultured rubella […]

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Being and staying healthy can be difficult, especially while traveling! But when we travel, we can enjoy ourselves so much more when we can stay healthy! It takes some extra effort (and a little extra in the budget), but it’s totally worth it! Last year, I found out that Young Living is giving my husband and I a paid Young Living chartered Caribbean cruise that we are so excited to go on this month, so I am doing what I […]

How Do Essential Oils Affect the Gut Microbiome? Let’s See What the Research Says

Those of us who learn the importance of gut health and how our gut health affects all areas of our health place a high priority on preserving our gut health! That’s when when I first looked into essential oils, I wanted to know, with proven research, how they affect our gut microbiome. And not just our gut microbiome because our entire body has more bacteria than cells. Even using things topically can alter our body’s microflora.  So I spent hours and hours digging […]

25 Days of Oils in the Bible

In December 2016, I had a 25 Days of Oils in the Bible on my Using the Scents God Gave You Facebook page. It was lots of fun and many people enjoyed the information, so I’m combining the posts here in one blog post for easy viewing! (*NOTE: These photos are copyrighted. Please do not download, edit, or use for personal or business use.) Day 1 Sometimes it is said that essential oils and aromatherapy are a “hippy thing” or […]

Float Therapy: What It Is & How It Can Improve Your Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health

I am extremely excited to share a new method of therapy with all my HFFG fans and my experience with this therapy! The benefits to our physical, mental, and spiritual health are immense and cannot be covered in a single blog post, but I’ll summarize them the best I can! Float therapy, aka Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or R.E.S.T. for short, was formally developed in 1954 at the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington. Float therapy offers a myriad […]

5 Tell-Tale Signs That An Essential Oil Is Not Pure

The essential oil industry is highly unregulated. You can buy a bottle of essential oil anywhere nowadays and they almost all say “pure” and “natural.” Yet there are more essential oils sold than there are plants produced to make that amount of essential oils, so something is very wrong here. Why would anyone advertise essential oils as being of mediocre quality or less than the very best? Quite naturally, vendors offer ‘only the best’ and, as a result, such claims have […]

Are Essential Oils New Age? Witchcraft?

There is a lot of confusion and disagreement among Christians regarding essential oils. Are they New Age? Witchcraft? What about the physical and especially the mental health claims about them?! So how do we reconcile this? What is the truth? Well, we look to God’s Word for the answer, of course! The Truth Is… More than any other therapeutic substance mentioned in Scripture, aromatic plants appear over 1,000 times throughout the Bible. Seventy percent (70%!!) of the books of the […]

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