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UPDATE: I am currently not offering my services to the general public, as I am focusing my services to my quickly-expanding essential oils team at no charge in order to support their family’s health. Please click here for more information about essential oils and becoming a part of our team.



One of my favorite parts about my job is helping pregnant women give themselves a healthy pregnancy and give baby a wonderful headstart in life through nutrition. As a homeschooling mom to five children (with one on the way), I know personally what a difference proper nutrition can make in a child’s overall health–physically and spiritually speaking!

Me at 28 weeks pregnant with baby #6

There isn’t a better time to have proper nutrition than during pregnancy. Studies come out over year showing how a mother’s prenatal nutrition affects the child’s entire life. Cases of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses can be prevented as early on as in the womb through proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, obstetricians are not trained in nutrition. Reviews and studies come out frequently in medical journals such as this one: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20974412 reminding care providers of the importance of nutritional counseling for better prenatal outcomes. Specifically, the report stated:

In pregnancy, health care providers need to assess women’s diets… Health care providers should continue to spend time on nutrition assessment and counseling.

And the nutritionists they sometimes refer patients to are misinformed. In fact, clinical dieticians are sponsored by companies like Coca Cola, so their information is often very skewed.

Even if obstetricians WERE trained in nutritional knowledge, the average ob appointment lasts six minutes. This is hardly enough time to review nutritional intake and nutrient levels, let alone go over all the other important things at each appointment!

But there is some very important information pregnant mothers should know! This information can not only affect the child’s overall health but the mother’s as well.

For example, did you know that eating hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage, lunchmeat, and other processed meat during pregnancy increases a baby’s risk of having leukemia by 700%?!

Did you also know that a mother who eats a diet high in sugar and refined carbs will often have gestational diabetes or preeclampsia? And a mother who has gestational diabetes is also much more likely to end up with Type 2 diabetes later in life? The child of a mother with gestational diabetes is just as likely to end up with Type 2 diabetes sometime in life as well.

Down syndrome is another example of a complication related to improper diet, not maternal age as doctors suggest! (See my article on Down Syndrome here.)

Did you also know that hair loss, depression, and lack of adequate breastmilk supply can be prevented with one or two simple supplements during pregnancy that are often not found in a prenatal vitamin?

Things like ADHD and autism can be prevented through proper nutrition and by taking other simple preventative measures during pregnancy.


Is giving your child an amazing healthy start in life worth $75* to you?! For $75*, I will assess your current dietary habits, health issues, and other factors to create a thorough nutrition plan that you can use as your guide to a healthy pregnancy. The plan will include dietary recommendations and supplement recommendations if needed.

Will I tell you to eat a low-fat, sodium-free, vegetarian diet? Quite the opposite! Eating healthy and nourishing your baby is actually very delicious, and most definitely not what most people think!


As part of my new Direct Care Program, clients can receive ongoing care with priority status. This is especially beneficial for both online and local clients during pregnancy. Clients who enroll in the Direct Care Program also get the $75 initial evaluation fee waived.

Click here for more information on the Direct Care program and fees.


 *$75 initial evaluation fee waived for clients who enroll in the Direct Care Program.


Through my affordable services, I hope to fill an important void that is so prevalent in our current model of care and help bring about better outcomes for mothers and their babies.

I also offer local prenatal nutrition counseling to patients through Kairos Midwifery Birth Center in MIlaca, MN.

Are you trying to conceive?

The rates of infertility are increasing at a steady rate in America, much to the detriment of mothers who ache to hold a beautiful newborn baby of their own.

Fortunately, there is a way to change this! In my research, I have found certain foods, lifestyle factors, and health issues to be the main causes of infertility. Once these things are removed, many women are able to get pregnant over and over again!

If these issues are not corrected before a woman gets pregnant, it can result in miscarriage, preterm labor, and other complications. The infant mortality rate has risen for the first time in decades as a result. It’s best to address these problems before conception to ensure a full-term, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

I have had the amazing blessing of being a part of God’s work in helping couples conceive after trying unsuccessfully for long periods of time. For example, one client said:

“In January, you helped me get my hormones back on track as my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for several months…. well, after your help, I became pregnant 1 month later!!! I am now 12 weeks along, with a November due date. 

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!! I have learned so much from you and your website and I know that I will continue to seek out your help in the future!


Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that works for each person; everyone’s situation is different. Some women have a hormone imbalance that may be preventing them from getting pregnant; others may have a gluten sensitivity that can prevent pregnancy; some may have thyroid problems; some may have a husband with a low sperm count (that can definitely be addressed nutritionally!); and more. That is why it’s important to hire someone who can analyze the precise cause!



For $75*, I will evaluate your current dietary and health issues to determine a plan of action for conception. If, when I evaluate your information and cannot immediately see a reason for infertility, you will not be charged. In most cases, however, I am able to identify at least one of the most common factors. I will then create a personalized wellness plan for you that you can use to change your lifestyle at your own pace.  (The plan includes an assessment and recommendations for both mom and dad.)  I have been providing these services for a couple of years and have had the blessing of getting emails with pregnancy announcements from my clients!

 *$75 fee waived for clients who enroll in the Direct Care Program.

Email me to get started learning how to nourish yours and your baby’s growing bodies today!


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Or you can check out HFFG’s new concierge service which allows you to get these services for cheaper! Click here for more info!


Also, if you have a group of pregnant/TTC women (and live in the metro area of Minnesota), please check out my Nutrition Workshop page for information on having a Healthy Pregnancy workshop!

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