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If you would like to consult with me for obtaining natural health care services for a recent medical diagnosis you just received, medical tests, illnesses of any kind, or about changing your diet, please first check out info on My Services.(**Please note: I am not currently taking new clients. I am still accepting Urgent Care Consults and Supplement Consults.)

Health Questions:

****If you have a brief health question about a brief illness, an infection, question about a medical supplement or drug, etc., please see information here for inquiring about that.

In order to be fair to paying clients who pay monthly to receive answers to their health questions in addition to personal evaluations, health questions from non-paying clients are filtered through this page. All questions not through this page will be re-routed here. Thank you for understanding!****


For help evaluating which nutritional supplements would be best for supporting your own health, click here to purchase a Supplements Consult with me.


For an Urgent Care Consult, click here.


If you have other questions or inquiries, please use the contact form below.

I look forward to helping everyone experience health and freedom from food addictions and food-induced illness!

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  1. missy hearon says:

    Thank you for all your information.

  2. missy hearon says:

    I have a special needs daughter that has petimal seizures, very limited speech. Have tried different medications, tappering her off lamictal, she stayed tired, having rages, panic attacks, horrible. I am tired of the side effects of medication and now knowing how she feels. I am trying to get all information i can about all natural way to help with petimal seizures. Hoping you have suggestions. thanks

  3. Robert Martin MD says:

    I was directed to David Modderman’s article on Visalus and discovered your interest in nutrition.
    As a retired physician (OB/Gyn) and son of a dietician I have long had an interest in nutrition. I am distressed with the current obesity epidemic and therefore been looking at nutritional solutions which are more natural. I believe in nutritional supplementation as well, aware that our food products are deficient in minerals etc (US Senate 1942 approx)
    I was recently introduced to a botanical native to Africa primarily, the subject of a Discovery Channel production and Johns Hopkins medical article.


    Will be happy to have your opinion

    Dr Bob

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