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A list of recipes found on HFFG

PPD, PTSD and Antenatal Depression: Nutrition and Research…What Helps?

Postpartum depression, antenatal depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder related to birth are multi-faceted, complicated illnesses that can be caused by a number of different things. While some experts propose that these things have physical causes, others report psychological factors as the main cause. And others, like myself (although I would not consider myself an expert), believe it could be a little of each. Either way, all of us agree that the effects of these conditions are detrimental and should be […]

Collection of whole foods recipe links

Even though I LOVE cooking and creating my own whole foods recipes, some of you may have noticed I unfortunately do not post many recipes on my website. Fortunately, there is no shortage for other websites that do! So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites for you to scroll through when you want to look for some great recipes! Use them to do some menu planning or just to search for some good last-minute recipes! (Before I […]

Girl Scout Cookies–HFFG Style!

I’ll never forget the look on the poor girl’s face (and her mom’s!) when we said we don’t eat sugar and respectfully declined her Girl Scout cookies. And I didn’t even get to the part about them containing the even more dangerous trans fats! We’re not much for even natural sweets around here (give me a big bowl of air-popped organic popcorn with coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt instead!), but I got a little inspired (thanks Allie!) to make […]

The Master List of Healthy Whole Food Snacks!

Finding and eating healthy snacks can be one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We all know that store-bought snacks are nothing but processed, dead matter marketed as “food,” so I won’t beat a dead horse listing facts we all already know. Instead, I’ll just offer HFFG’s Master List of Healthy, Whole Food Snacks! Hard-boiled eggs (sprinkle w/ paprika and/or salt for fun and extra flavor) Veggie Trays (We make one at the beginning of the week […]

Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake With No Refined Sugar

Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake Without Refined Sugar! I can’t believe I forgot to finish this post with the promised pumpkin cheesecake recipe!  Honestly, I was only going to finish it if it was delicious.  It was; yet I delayed.  I’m blaming it on the busy holiday season!  But I know many of you would like to put this recipe to good use for the holiday dinners, especially those of you who are committing to the holidays without refined sugar! I wanted […]

Baby Food 101–What & When To Feed Baby

Baby Food 101–What To Feed Baby and When Introducing solid foods to baby is a momentous occasion.  Even down to my fifth baby, we had the video camera rolling for their first taste of “real” food. But do we understand the implications of that first bite?  Baby’s first food can leave a lifelong imprint on their food preferences.  And if we start foods, especially certain ones too soon, it can have immediate as well as long-term consequences on their health.So […]

A Sugar-Free Albeit Delicious Easter!

Easter’s Coming–And you don’t need sugar for it to be delicious! Could there be a better time of year to be free of addictions?  I dare say that an Easter without sugar addiction is an Easter that focuses more on the willpower and strength it took Christ to do what He did for us.  Every bone and emotion in His body was telling Him that His suffering was too much to bear.  I mean He physically sweat blood just hours […]

Delicious Breakfasts for the No-Sugar Challenge

Delicious Breakfasts for Our Challengers! Hmmm, breakfast.  What to do for this 30-day no-refined-sugar challenge?  There’s lots you can do!  The most simple is: oatmeal.  And it doesn’t have to be just plain ol’ oatmeal.  In addition to adding honey, pure maple syrup, and/or molasses, you can puree up fresh, ripe pears (oooo, this was one of our faves), or add diced apples.  Or how about adding fresh berries?  Chopped dates?  Or my kids’ favorite: chopped prunes.  I know–prunes get a bad […]

Hidden Sources Of Sugar–Watch These Sneaky Items

Hidden Sources of Sugar–Watch these sneaky items. . . Sugar shows up in the most unexpected places.  When we say, “It’s in everything,” we ain’t kidding!  For our No-Sugar Challenge, here are some things to watch out for that may be on your grocery list.  I’ve included recipes and links for many of them to help you avoid the sugar.  Be sure to read the label on EVERYTHING, even “organic products that often have just as much “sugar” as conventional […]

Beets For Breakfast? Pink Pancakes!

Yes, we eat beets for breakfast once in a while.  But not like you think.  I have to admit–beets just don’t taste that great.  Some people like them, but I’d bet those are the same people who like the taste of liver.  I wanted to try and find a way to incorporate them into our diet once in a while.  Then, about a year ago, I came across a recipe for beet pancakes.  But it was actually called “pink pancakes.”  […]

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