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Supporting Thyroid Health Naturally

In my years of experience as a holistic health practitioner, I have seen more people successfully support their thyroid health naturally than any other area of their health. It is very possible and not very difficult! And it’s VERY important to do PROACTIVELY and PREVENTATIVELY as so many health issues could be avoided with supporting thyroid health this way!  Your thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining so many functions of your body including metabolism, body temperature, and so much more. Here […]

Detoxification 101 & The Power of Chlorella Detox

The body is continually exposed to a multitude of toxins. Every day, waste materials are generated by the body’s cells as by-products of normal physiological processes such as energy production and tissue repair. These wastes must be quickly removed from the body to prevent damage to cellular structures and/or interference with essential metabolic processes. Unfortunately, most people’s bodies today are overloaded with toxins as a result of not having adequate functions to eliminate these toxins. On top of that, we are burdened with […]

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