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HFFG’s articles and resources on the No-Sugar Challenge

NingXia Red 30-Day Challenge! Swap out your sugary drinks with something healthy!

For May, HFFG and Using the Scents God Gave You is doing a 30-day NingXia Red Challenge to encourage people to eliminate their sugary drinks with something that supports health instead!  For six years, I have provided holistic health services to clients from around the world and have seen the difference that making one small change by getting rid of sugary sodas and lattes can have on a person’s health. It is my passion to see people get well and stay well […]

Girl Scout Cookies–HFFG Style!

I’ll never forget the look on the poor girl’s face (and her mom’s!) when we said we don’t eat sugar and respectfully declined her Girl Scout cookies. And I didn’t even get to the part about them containing the even more dangerous trans fats! We’re not much for even natural sweets around here (give me a big bowl of air-popped organic popcorn with coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt instead!), but I got a little inspired (thanks Allie!) to make […]

The Master List of Healthy Whole Food Snacks!

Finding and eating healthy snacks can be one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We all know that store-bought snacks are nothing but processed, dead matter marketed as “food,” so I won’t beat a dead horse listing facts we all already know. Instead, I’ll just offer HFFG’s Master List of Healthy, Whole Food Snacks! Hard-boiled eggs (sprinkle w/ paprika and/or salt for fun and extra flavor) Veggie Trays (We make one at the beginning of the week […]

From All-Natural To Class A Drug: How Refinement Makes Cocaine, Heroin, & Sugar

When our family began transitioning our lifestyle to whole foods over five years ago, cutting out sugar was not something I thought was necessary.  Instead, I purchased organic sugars and foods made with organic sugars.  I thought I was making the healthy choice!  Can anybody relate?! The more I researched, however, the more I saw the negative effects any refined sugar has on our bodies.  I slowly began to see it apart from our culture’s view on it.   The […]

A Month Without Sugar–Are You Up For A Challenge That Could Change Your Life?

Everyone remembers the video of the toddler smoking cigarettes.  “How could parents do that to their child?” everyone thought.  Feeding our children half a pound of sugar a day is no different; it is proven in numerous studies to cause obesity, diabetes, and cancer, all of which have rates that are climbing substantially each year in America.  Just look at how our sugar consumption has changed in the last few hundred years: In 1700, the average person consumed about 4 […]

A Sugar-Free Albeit Delicious Easter!

Easter’s Coming–And you don’t need sugar for it to be delicious! Could there be a better time of year to be free of addictions?  I dare say that an Easter without sugar addiction is an Easter that focuses more on the willpower and strength it took Christ to do what He did for us.  Every bone and emotion in His body was telling Him that His suffering was too much to bear.  I mean He physically sweat blood just hours […]

Delicious Breakfasts for the No-Sugar Challenge

Delicious Breakfasts for Our Challengers! Hmmm, breakfast.  What to do for this 30-day no-refined-sugar challenge?  There’s lots you can do!  The most simple is: oatmeal.  And it doesn’t have to be just plain ol’ oatmeal.  In addition to adding honey, pure maple syrup, and/or molasses, you can puree up fresh, ripe pears (oooo, this was one of our faves), or add diced apples.  Or how about adding fresh berries?  Chopped dates?  Or my kids’ favorite: chopped prunes.  I know–prunes get a bad […]

Allowed Sweeteners for the No-Sugar Challenge

Now Let’s Talk About What We CAN Have! Okay.  The discussions have focused enough on what we can’t have and what’s bad.  Now let’s discuss what we can have and what’s good!  I’ll start by going through the natural sweeteners allowed for this challenge. Pure Maple Syrup First off, I have to be obvious and state that this is NOT pancake syrup–that thick, goobery imitation syrup with mostly high-fructose corn syrup.  Ugh.  Okay–I feel better. Pure maple syrup is quite different for those who are used […]

Hidden Sources Of Sugar–Watch These Sneaky Items

Hidden Sources of Sugar–Watch these sneaky items. . . Sugar shows up in the most unexpected places.  When we say, “It’s in everything,” we ain’t kidding!  For our No-Sugar Challenge, here are some things to watch out for that may be on your grocery list.  I’ve included recipes and links for many of them to help you avoid the sugar.  Be sure to read the label on EVERYTHING, even “organic products that often have just as much “sugar” as conventional […]

Sugar’s Role In Cancer & How Cancer Tests Detect Sugar

For our sugar-free challenges, I thought I’d provide you with some additional information on why I’m doing this, and to show you that this information is based on thorough research. Sugar’s Addictiveness To begin, how do we make the statement that sugar is four times more addictive than cocaine?  I mean, how do they even come up with this stuff?  From Dr. Mercola in 2007: “According to a new research study, refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine — one of […]

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