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Natural Pest-Free Solutions for Humans, Pets, and Lawns

Here in Minnesota, spring is trying to make its debut. So even though we don’t yet get to go outside in short sleeves, we do get wood ticks, mosquitoes, and other annoying bugs already. And with a large family plus a homestead full of animals, we need something that works on a large scale.  And since I get asked about this often, I figured I better just put it into a blog post! We use all-natural pesticide alternative products from […]

Keeping Goats Healthy Naturally with Essential Oils

If you’ve raised goats, you know that it’s HARD. They are so prone to parasites and other things. Most goat owners use toxic chemical products to keep their parasite load low.  When we got goats, I knew without a doubt that I was going to raise them naturally. That’s how I do everything and it’s always worked. But what I didn’t realize is that this hasn’t been done successfully very often. Even herbal groups were having a hard time keeping their […]

Questions To Ask Your Raw Milk Farmer Before Drinking the Milk!

So you’ve read my post Milk: Helpful or Harmful or other sources and realize that the only (animal) milk worth drinking is fresh, unpasteurized milk from cows, goats, etc. And now you are on the hunt for a good source of local, fresh, and SAFE raw milk. It’s not just a matter of “Oh, my neighbor has a cow and is selling milk!” There are a few things you should ask about before deciding on a good source of fresh milk. […]

CAE: What If We Have It All Wrong?!

Here at HFFG, I’ve written about vaccinations, circumcision, and other extremely controversial topics. But this may be the most controversial post I have ever written; just or a different crowd. I’ve never been one to shy away from controversy (haha anyone who has followed HFFG for awhile knows that’s an understatement!) but I want to approach this topic carefully, respectfully, and with the disclaimer that these are my thoughts and my research on the topic, to which I am entitled. In […]

How to Make Thick Homemade Raw Goats’ Milk Yogurt

I have a tendency to stick with kefir because 1) it’s totally raw 2) it has more benefits than yogurt and 3) it’s so much easier! But there really is nothing like a healthy yogurt with berries and granola! Unfortunately, flavored yogurt from the store often contains more sugar than Lucky Charms! Making it homemade is cheap, healthier, and far more rewarding! But making yogurt from raw milk and getting it thick can be tricky, but it can be especially […]

The Best Health Advice Comes From Farmers

I remember one comment on Facebook: “During my last pregnancy, I told my farmer I was really craving my fresh (raw) milk and he said, ‘Oh, you must need more iodine.’ ” To some, that may seem like just another old wives’ tale, but in the field of animal husbandry, nutrition is everything. Proper nutrition means profit. Poor nutrition means loss. Farmers’ livelihoods are dependent on providing adequate nutrition to their animals. Consequently, this creates the opposite type of industry […]

The Energetic Goat–Book Review

As the first post in my new category of farming/homesteading, I have been given the opportunity to check out a new book by a friend in the natural goat world. Many of us are desperately seeking wisdom and advice on raising our animals naturally as this information can be hard to find. Consequently, I was very excited for this book!    Lifelong holistic health devotee Carrie Eastman presents the reflexology, dowsing, and muscle testing techniques that she’s learned to apply […]

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