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Preventing Appendicitis

Preventing Appendicitis I Healthy Families for God

Rates of appendicitis are continuing to rise. And it saddens me to see so many children (and adults) suffer from an illness that results in removing a God-given organ which conventional medicine claims is unnecessary. If God put that part in our body, then He obviously put it there for a reason! It’s sad also because this can be easily prevented! Furthermore, a problem with the appendix is not just a problem in one part of the body. It represents [...]

Bye Bye Sour Breastmilk: The Simple Dietary Solution To Excess Lipase In Breastmilk

Got Sour Milk? The simple solution to excess lipase in breastmilk I Healthy Families for God

While doing some research for my first eBook: Gluten: Biblical or Bad, I came across some startling research. I discovered that the problem some women are having with sour breastmilk that has to be boiled before giving to baby is likely due to mother’s gluten intolerance.  Specifically, I found the following study: Background & Aims: The frequency of elevated serum pancreatic enzymes in patients with celiac disease (celiac disease) is unknown. The aim of this ’study was to evaluate the [...]

Coconut Oil Review & Giveaway!

  One of my FAVORITE things to do is to check out products that help us to live a healthier lifestyle and then be able to share and give those products to my awesome fans! I appreciate so much that so many of you respect my opinion on products and I take that fact very seriously. Recently, Tropical Traditions was generous enough to offer me a quart of their high-quality Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to sample and review. Disclaimer: [...]

Gluten: Biblical or Bad? HFFG’s Very First eBook!

HFFG's first eBook! Gluten: Biblical or Bad; Research, testimonies and tips for deciding if gluten is right (or wrong) for your family

I did it! I finally did it! Despite having 6 kids that I homeschool, clients, and homework for my naturopathy classes, I wrote an eBook!   I chose the topic of Gluten because I have many clients for whom eliminating gluten is a crucial step for good health. But eliminating gluten can be hard, and there are a lot of questions that come with the idea of eliminating gluten, such as: But how can you condone eliminating a Biblical food? [...]

Can You Help Me Help More People? HFFG’s Fundraiser Page

This is a picture of one of my favorite parts of my job: sitting down with all of my reference books, a client's questionnaire and food log to individually evaluate a nutrition plan for them!

As some of you know, I started out studying as a Certified Nutrition Consultant and am pursuing additional training in Doctor of Naturopathy and Certified Health Specialist programs. Unfortunately, my education has come to a halt due to lack of funding. But because of all the amazing support and encouragement I have received from everyone on HFFG’s Facebook page, I have hope that I can continue! After briefly mentioning my situation, I began receiving emails with donations, questions for how [...]

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

Healthy Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

If you’ve read my post on Milk: Harmful or Healthful and you see that pasteurized milk is more harmful than helpful, can’t get your hands on fresh raw milk, or have a true dairy (casein) allergy, here are the non-dairy alternatives I recommend. First, I don’y recommend rice or soy milk. Rice has unfortunately been a very high source of cancerous arsenic; plus it doesn’t make a healthy milk. Soy milk is extremely harmful to our health. If you haven’t [...]

How The Gardasil Vaccine Changed My Life

liz wagner2

Today’s post is written by a fellow Minnesotan and dear sister in Christ. After the Gardasil vaccine changed her life, Liz Wagner has made it her mission to share her story in hopes of saving other women from the very real risks and consequences of the HPV vaccine. Please read and share with others, especially teenagers who are now pushed to get the HPV vaccine (even boys), to help ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone you love! “I was [...]

The Dark Side of Birth Control–And Safe Alternatives

The amount of hidden information and lies on the topic of birth control, especially among Christians, pains me. Mostly because I have clients every week that are suffering from problems resulting from birth control pills, tubal, and/or vasectomy. But even more so because of the other lives destroyed by these things. The precious little lives that God creates. There are very important spiritual and physical truths of not just oral contraceptives but permanent surgical procedures such as vasectomies and tubal [...]

Detoxification 101 & The Power of Chlorella Detox

The body is continually exposed to a multitude of toxins. Every day, waste materials are generated by the body’s cells as by-products of normal physiological processes such as energy production and tissue repair. These wastes must be quickly removed from the body to prevent damage to cellular structures and/or interference with essential metabolic processes. Unfortunately, most people’s bodies today are overloaded with toxins as a result of not having adequate functions to eliminate these toxins. On top of that, we are burdened with [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Headaches Webinar

Headaches–many causes, and many natural solutions! Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the causes or the solutions, leaving many people to suffer and depend on toxic medicines to help curb the pain of nagging headaches and migraines. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn the main causes of headaches so that you can determine the culprit for your headaches and get rid of them once and for all.  For some people, eliminating headaches is as easy as making ONE simple [...]

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