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Free Holistic Healthcare Services Now Available

As some of you know, I am no longer offering my holistic healthcare services to the general public. This decision came with a lot of prayer and hesitation. It came about gradually and I couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out.  A few months ago, I decided to offer my holistic healthcare services at no charge to my Young Living team members. I have been a Young Living wholesale member for three years and during that time, I […]

Using Essential Oils With Children

In this presentation, you will learn safety principles for using essential oils with children. You will also learn some of the best choices of essential oils and other essential oils products for children. If you’ve felt hesitant to use oils with kids or just want to know how to use them as part of a healthy lifestyle, don’t miss this free webinar from Sara Jo Poff, the founder of Healthy Families for God & Holistic Health Practitioner. Before you check […]

HFFG’s Ultimate List of Supplement Recommendations

“What magnesium do you recommend?” “What multivitamin do you recommend?” One of the things people want to know most is what specific supplements I would recommend. So for all of my awesome readers, I’ve spent a few hours putting together this list of the specific brands/choices of all of the various supplements I use and recommend. Please keep in mind that as someone who is on a very strict budget and as a practitioner who has found that most clients also need recommendations based on […]

Changing the Future Rates of Type 1 Diabetes

I’m going to keep this post short and simple. I’m simply going to share some snippets of research that I have come across on this topic in my studies. For those who find it helpful, great! For those who don’t, please carry on! This information is intended to provide a change for our future generations and reduce the unfortunate, increasing trend of childhood diabetes. Overlooked Causes/Contributing Factors First, to reduce future rates, we must of course look at some of the researched […]

Respiratory Illnesses In Babies–The Overlooked Cause

As a holistic health practitioner who works often with women before/during pregnancy, I have seen firsthand that one of the most important things a mother can do is ensure that nutritional deficiencies are corrected before, or at least during, pregnancy in order to give her baby the best health possible. There is a common denominator in most respiratory illnesses in babies, and that is Vitamin D deficiency. Research Demonstrating Respiratory Illness to Vitamin D Deficiency Several recent epidemiology studies have […]

Fertility Testing At Home

Did you know that HFFG offers simple, cost-effective testing to identify treatable hormone imbalances that affect fertility? Early detection can help address these issues and identify the need for more specialized care. HFFG offers ZRT’s Fertility Profile which also comes with a free analysis and recommendations from Sara Jo Poff, Holistic Health Practitioner. This fertility profile is geared to women who have irregular cycles or fertility issues, who have been trying to get pregnant without success, or who would like to […]

The Best Health Advice Comes From Farmers

I remember one comment on Facebook: “During my last pregnancy, I told my farmer I was really craving my fresh (raw) milk and he said, ‘Oh, you must need more iodine.’ ” To some, that may seem like just another old wives’ tale, but in the field of animal husbandry, nutrition is everything. Proper nutrition means profit. Poor nutrition means loss. Farmers’ livelihoods are dependent on providing adequate nutrition to their animals. Consequently, this creates the opposite type of industry […]

Ingesting Essential Oils: Getting the Facts Straight

  There is a lot of debate about whether or not it is safe to ingest essential oils, and the answer isn’t just a matter of a simple “yes” or “no.” But the answer is much more simple than it is made out to be lately. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and false information on this topic. These myths and misinformation are dangerous because warnings against ingesting essential oils cause people to lose out on one of the […]

Introducing Ashley Charpentier, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Today, I want to introduce you to my apprentice, so-to-speak, who also happens to be my beautiful young niece. She is really a genius and is so passionate about life, and now she is using her passion and wisdom to help others with their health too! Check out her story; I know many people can relate and will find hope in it! If you are looking for some help getting your lifestyle on track to improve your health, Ashley can […]

My Favorite & Least Favorite Young Living Products

As my followers and clients know, I am quite picky! I want only the best for my family and my clients! I recently started reviewing some nutritional product companies, like Plexus and Thrive, and wanted to show that I’m that selective with everything, even my favorite health company in the world–Young Living!  I love Young Living; I have been a wholesale member with them for over three years. I have been a holistic health practitioner for over five years. So […]

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