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ER Nurse Shares His Experiences With Vaccine Reactions

ER Nurse Shares His Story of Vaccine Reactions -- Healthy Families for God

Pediatricians often say that they have never seen a vaccine reaction before. Most adverse vaccine reactions are in the emergency room department, though. Additionally, many doctors and nurses do not even know how to recognize adverse vaccine reactions. And as we will see, there is a lot of cover-up when it comes to vaccine reactions. That is why I am elated to be able to share with you one ER nurse’s perspective on adverse reactions to vaccines. He was kind […]

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HFFG Update: Store Closing Temporarily & Other News

After much prayer and a very clear, distinct answer to those prayers (don’t ya just love when God makes answers to our prayers quick and obvious??!!), I have decided to make some changes to HFFG which include temporarily closing down HFFG’s Store and not accepting new clients at this time. Ordering supplements from the manufacturer, processing customers’ orders, updating my Store, packaging and shipping orders has proven to be too time consuming for our family’s farming and homeschooling schedule. With […]

Response to Fermented Cod Liver Oil Report

fermented cod liver oil

After the recent release of a personal report scathing Green Pasture’s fermented cod liver oil products, it has become obvious that there is a lot of misinformation about many things on this topic, so I’m going to address them here. It is not just a matter of deciding whether something is rancid or not, or whether something has adequate Vitamin D or not. All of the information presented on this topic in the recent report leaves this crucial context out […]


ROTOVIRUS: What parents need to know -- Healthy Families for God

Rotavirus is a very common form of gastroenteritis in infants and toddlers. It is marked by diarrhea that can last for a week or slightly longer. It is sometimes accompanied by fever and vomiting, but the persistent diarrhea is what most parents remember it by! It is common for babies to receive a rotavirus vaccine in America. The problem is that the vaccine is making things worse. Here’s how: The vaccine does not necessarily even work From the CDC: “Children, […]

Medical Science or Biased Opinion: The True Track Record of Modern-Day Medical “Research”

Pharmianity: The New Religion

I’ll admit; I read medical research in my spare time and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy it mostly because every once in a while, Man will study something natural, something that God has made, and just find proof of God’s awesomeness!  But this is not what modern-day research is marked by. Modern-day medical research is plagued with a horrible track record, proving that much of the research (especially that for conventional, man-made pharmaceuticals) is biased, reworked, and/or simply false. […]

Struggling With Infertility? Here Are 3 Tests You Need!

Struggling with Infertility? Here are the 3 tests you need! Healthy Families for God

  After having numerous clients over the last few years that are struggling with infertility and/or repeated miscarriages, I have found 3 things to be the most common causes of infertility and/or miscarriages. These 3 things are also very commonly overlooked by the conventional medical field. In fact, some of my clients who have undergone expensive visits and procedures with infertility specialists and in-vitro fertilization had never even heard of all/some of these things which, in turn, ended up being […]

Why I’m Not A Purist (The Case for Isolated Vitamins)

Why I'm Not A Purist: The case for isolated vitamins. HFFG

I’m not a purist. There. I said it. Yes, my naturopathy training tells me everything I use and recommend should be in its 100% natural form.  And it is. Most of the time. I spent hours researching the best cod liver oil because most cod liver oil companies have to put isolated vitamins A & D back into the product after processing because it is lost in the processing. So that is why I use and recommend Green Pasture’s fermented […]

How & Why You Should Change What Your Pets Eat: A Raw Food Diet

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Just about anyone with pets will agree that they are part of the family. We care for our pets and treat them as though they are. However, when it comes to feeding them, many people don’t put much thought into it. We avoid GMOs, preservatives, additives, and non-organic foods for ourselves and our children, so why don’t we think about it with our pets? Why feed your cats and dogs raw food diets? After many recalls on processed pet foods […]

Nutritional Protection & Detox Protocol From Vaccine Toxicity

The following is a standard protocol of natural food supplements that are used to rid the body of excess heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and arsenic; eliminate other toxins and byproducts of vaccines; and restore/protect the intestinal wall and other parts of the body from vaccine-induced damage.  This protocol is adapted from information compiled from resources such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Klinghardt, and Dr. Russell Blaylock. This protocol can be used to detox from vaccinations even years afterwards […]

Fertility Awareness and Natural Birth Control

Fertility Awareness & Natural Birth Control -- Healthy Families for God

   For this post, I would like to introduce my readers to my awesome new staff writer, Ashley, who has researched and written this info for you! Be sure to check out her bio below and watch for more posts from her! ~Sara Fertility Awareness & Natural Birth Control by Ashley Charpentier For those who want to live naturally, birth control is a very touchy subject. There are many people who avoid toxins and chemicals in every area of their […]

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