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Follow-Up Q & A Webinar on Balancing Hormones

If you watched my Webinar on How To Balance Hormones Naturally ( and have some questions related to that information, then this Q & A session is for you! Due to the volume of follow-up questions I have received since this Webinar, I condcuted a recorded Webinar where I addressed those individual questions. This Q & A Webinar included answers to questions like: 1. Are there candles/fragrances that I can use instead which do not disrupt hormone function? 2. What are [...]

Hormone Imbalance–The Hidden Cause of So Many Health Problems

Hormone imbalance, namely estrogen dominance, is the cause of more problems than most people realize. Many of these problems are even ones that we joke about because we think they are normal. Yes, they are common, but they are NOT normal! They are NOT healthy. And they are NOT necessary! We CAN eliminate them. PMS is not inevitable. Heavy periods are not normal. Menopause is not normal. (Did you know that some cultures don’t even have a WORD for menopause, [...]

Eating Healthy On A Budget Class & Free Downloads

One of the biggest obstacles for families to eat healthier is the cost. There’s no doubt that organic food can be much more expensive than conventional food. But what most people don’t know is that they can eat healthier than ever for the same or even less than what they pay for their monthly food bill now! In this class, I show class attendants how to do exactly that. I share tips on where and how to get healthier foods [...]

What Circumcision Did To Our Son

My husband and I agreed to have our first three boys circumcised without question.  For the fourth boy (our fifth child), I felt something stirring in my heart against it.  I didn’t have that much information to back up what I was feeling, so I tried to present my concerns as best as I could to my husband. He felt sure, however, that the Bible told us to circumcise our boys, so we went ahead and circumcised our fourth son [...]

Non-GMO Organic Alfalfa Review & Giveaway!

During the last weeks of my pregnancy, my midwife recommended that I use alfalfa to increase my vitamin K levels, especially because I had chosen not to give baby vitamin K by injection or orally. I was concerned, however, because I had heard that alfalfa crops were being contaminated with genetically-modified alfalfa as a result of the approval of genetically engineered Roundup-resistant alfalfa in late 2011. Much to their surprise, farmers were denied exportation of their alfalfa as a result [...]

The Difference A Homebirth Midwife Makes, Part 2: Baby #6 Birth Story!

In my first post about the difference a homebirth midwife makes, I showed how my pregnancy #5 turned into a high-risk pregnancy with a preterm baby delivered at 34 weeks. I shared the difference the care a homebirth midwife was making for pregnancy #6, a pregnancy that most health professionals would have recommended continuing with the care of an obstetric specialist as a result of the previous preterm birth, and how the absence of the interventions found in that type [...]

How To Care For New Moms Without Compromising Their Health

Just a few days after a beautiful home birth to one of her beautiful babies, my healthy friend who eats great healthy foods suddenly started developing edema symptoms. Her body was swelling everywhere and she felt horrible. And all this while trying to enjoy her beautiful newborn baby after a peaceful homebirth. After seeing her midwife, they realized it was from eating all of the foods church friends and family were bringing her! Foods brought with loving intentions, of course, [...]

Have A Health Question for Me? Please Start Here!

You know those free kittens on the side of the road? How many of them usually end up in the animal shelter? More than those that were $10, right?! In the past, I find that when I offer my time and knowledge for free, it is more likely to be tossed aside or taken lightly. That is valuable time that could have been given to my family or used to serve others. And since there are thousands of people on [...]

CocoKefir–Dairy-Free Probiotics Review & Giveaway!


One of the most crucial health issues that I try and make sure all of my Facebook fans understand is the importance of maintaining/achieving good gut health. The reasons why this is important are lengthy and include virtually all aspects of our health. A lengthy list of symptoms that show damaged gut health, everything from indigestion and weakened immune system to mental illness and autism, as well as why good gut health is important, can be seen in Part 1 [...]

The Difference A Homebirth Midwife Makes: Part 1 Pregnancy Update

As some of you may remember, I posted this picture of my fifth son on HFFG’s Facebook page in December of 2012: Along with this caption: The pregnancy with #5 had the most intervention with not only an ob/gyn but also a maternal/fetal medicine specialist (perinatologist). Not coincidentally, it also had the worst outcome. There were many reasons for this, including the doctor’s failure to respect my requests for doing hemoglobin checks (resulting in a missed case of anemia as [...]

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