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Questions To Ask Your Raw Milk Farmer Before Drinking the Milk!

So you’ve read my post Milk: Helpful or Harmful or other sources and realize that the only (animal) milk worth drinking is fresh, unpasteurized milk from cows, goats, etc. And now you are on the hunt for a good source of local, fresh, and SAFE raw milk. It’s not just a matter of “Oh, my neighbor has a cow and is selling milk!” There are a few things you should ask about before deciding on a good source of fresh milk. […]

Some Unorthodox Considerations on Lyme Disease

Where I live, ticks are literally a part of everyday life. We have a farm with half of our property being heavily wooded. As a natural health practitioner, I often get asked about my thoughts on Lyme Disease treatment. I’m not going to claim to be anything close to an expert on this complicated and devastating illness. There is much to know and just not enough info out there about this complicated disease yet. For now, I’m simply going to throw some additional considerations […]

NingXia Red 30-Day Challenge! Swap out your sugary drinks with something healthy!

For May, HFFG and Using the Scents God Gave You is doing a 30-day NingXia Red Challenge to encourage people to eliminate their sugary drinks with something that supports health instead!  For six years, I have provided holistic health services to clients from around the world and have seen the difference that making one small change by getting rid of sugary sodas and lattes can have on a person’s health. It is my passion to see people get well and stay well […]

All-Natural Facial Care for Beautiful Skin

Standard facial products from stores contain many toxic ingredients that negatively affect hormones and other body systems. And some facial products promoting youthful skin are made using neonatal (infant) foreskins (and it doesn’t have to be listed on the label)! It’s safe to assume that almost all of the facial/skin care products available at stores and even many of those available through “natural” companies contain toxic and less-than-desirable ingredients. But keeping our skin healthy and our face looking young can be done naturally […]

Finding Safe, Non-Toxic Cosmetics

On HFFG, we recently covered the topic of Home Detox–detoxing our home (and bodies!) of toxic home/body care products like cleaners, soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. If you missed the free Facebook class we did for this topic, you can click here to check out the info! To follow up that info, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite non-toxic cosmetic products/companies, as well as some companies that aren’t necessarily as non-toxic as they seem and some that are […]

Why Your Doctor’s Allergy Testing Isn’t Accurate

In my experience as a natural health professional, I have seen more situations than I can count where someone demonstrates symptoms of food sensitivities but they believe food cannot be the issue because a doctor’s test came up negative for those foods. So they continue eating foods that are making them sick, and their health problems worsen without this issue being addressed. Here’s the thing: The allergy testing most docs do (and the only testing most docs do) is for IgE […]

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Free Holistic Healthcare Services Now Available

As some of you know, I am no longer offering my holistic healthcare services to the general public. This decision came with a lot of prayer and hesitation. It came about gradually and I couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out.  A few months ago, I decided to offer my holistic healthcare services at no charge to my Young Living team members. I have been a Young Living wholesale member for three years and during that time, I […]

Using Essential Oils With Children

In this presentation, you will learn safety principles for using essential oils with children. You will also learn some of the best choices of essential oils and other essential oils products for children. If you’ve felt hesitant to use oils with kids or just want to know how to use them as part of a healthy lifestyle, don’t miss this free webinar from Sara Jo Poff, the founder of Healthy Families for God & Holistic Health Practitioner. Before you check […]

HFFG’s Ultimate List of Supplement Recommendations

“What magnesium do you recommend?” “What multivitamin do you recommend?” One of the things people want to know most is what specific supplements I would recommend. So for all of my awesome readers, I’ve spent a few hours putting together this list of the specific brands/choices of all of the various supplements I use and recommend. Please keep in mind that as someone who is on a very strict budget and as a practitioner who has found that most clients also need recommendations based on […]

Changing the Future Rates of Type 1 Diabetes

I’m going to keep this post short and simple. I’m simply going to share some snippets of research that I have come across on this topic in my studies. For those who find it helpful, great! For those who don’t, please carry on! This information is intended to provide a change for our future generations and reduce the unfortunate, increasing trend of childhood diabetes. Overlooked Causes/Contributing Factors First, to reduce future rates, we must of course look at some of the researched […]

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