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Medical Science or Biased Opinion: The True Track Record of Modern-Day Medical “Research”

Pharmianity: The New Religion

I’ll admit; I read medical research in my spare time and I enjoy doing it. I enjoy it mostly because every once in a while, Man will study something natural, something that God has made, and just find proof of God’s awesomeness!  But this is not what modern-day research is marked by. Modern-day medical research is plagued with a horrible track record, proving that much of the research (especially that for conventional, man-made pharmaceuticals) is biased, reworked, and/or simply false. […]

Breastfeeding From A Biblical Perspective

Breastfeeding From A Biblical Perspective

Breastfeeding can be a hot topic in any circle, including among Christians. Unfortunately, there are many things from Scripture that I feel are left out on the controversial topic of breastfeeding, both along the topic of simply breastfeeding itself as well as on the controversy of modesty vs. immodesty. Consequently, I would like to take a few moments to detail some of the often missed Scripture, as well as the limits we tend to have in America on this topic […]

The Daniel Fast: Where It Goes Wrong (And How To Make It Healthy)

I want to start out this post by commending the many groups of believers around America who dare to venture on a quest to honor God with their bodies every year by stopping and reconsidering the food they are eating. That is exactly what my own mission and purpose is every day. There is where our similarities stop. The Daniel Fast, as well-meaning as it is, is not something that I would recommend to anyone the way that it is*. […]

Ideas For A Healthy Start To The New Year

The New Year is a great time to start over and to start on a new path! For many people, this means a new chance at better health.  HFFG has many resources to make this possible and to help ensure that this chance is more than just a phase but that it is a long-term lifestyle change! Here are some ways you can start your new year off with a healthier step that will ensure long-term success! Of course, there […]

How To Care For New Moms Without Compromising Their Health

Just a few days after a beautiful home birth to one of her beautiful babies, my healthy friend who eats great healthy foods suddenly started developing edema symptoms. Her body was swelling everywhere and she felt horrible. And all this while trying to enjoy her beautiful newborn baby after a peaceful homebirth. After seeing her midwife, they realized it was from eating all of the foods church friends and family were bringing her! Foods brought with loving intentions, of course, […]

7 Common Defenses Against Healthy Eating

Sometimes when the Spirit of God convicts us about something, we become experts at defending our current position to prevent having to face the need for change. In the health world, there are a few main defenses commonly used against healthy living and eating. Some of them have good points; others are straight-up excuses. So I’d like to take a few minutes to sort through them together! Defense #1: Eating natural foods can become a “god” Their destiny is destruction, […]

Is Natural Medicine A False God or Anti-Christian? What the Bible Says About Medicine

Magazine articles and news media directed at Christians, and even many Christians themselves, tell us to forgo alternative medicine. They tell us that it’s a false god or anti-Christian. Fortunately, there is plenty of Scripture in God’s Word to help us figure out this issue. So let’s take an honest, Biblical look at this topic using only God’s Word as our guide. But before we do this, I would like to specify that when I say “natural medicine,” I am […]

Overwhelmed On Where To Start? Here Are 3 Ways!

I know the feeling. Having more information than you know what to do with! And not knowing where to begin with it. And then feeling like giving up before you’ve even started because of being overwhelmed. If this describes you, then this post is for you! I’m going to share some resources to help you get on the path to glorifying God with your body and feeling better–emotionally, spiritually, and physically! 1. Books Over 6 years ago, I read a […]

Learning About Biblical Modesty From The Duggars

Before the announcement of their pregnancy with precious baby Josie hit the media in 2009, I had the most amazing, inspiring privilege of my freelance writing career–interviewing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar over the telephone. I was contracted to write an article on Biblical modesty for a Christian magazine and thought, “Who better to ask about this than the Duggars?!” During our hour and a half conversation, I gained more than just the information I needed for an article on […]

Natural Help for Depression–A Physical & Spiritual Illness

"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you."

Over on HFFG’s Facebook page, we covered the topic of depression recently. It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as many of my closest family and friends suffer from this devastating illness. It’s clearly something that is near and dear to God’s heart too, as His word is full of references to it. Jesus’ whole mission was to give us something that we can not have when depression takes over our lives: The thief comes […]

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