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A Simple Cure for Polyhydramnios?


I have a dear friend who is a research hound like me. She uses prayer combined with research to seek God’s wisdom for naturally treating health issues that her and her friends are facing, and God has been incredibly faithful to give her the information she seeks. In one situation, she had a friend who needed help for polyhydramnios, a condition during pregnancy where there is an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac.  She found some recent research done on pregnant women […]

Natural First Aid Kit Essentials

First-aid kit essentials by Healthy Families for God

All too often, I get emails about urgent health situations from people and when listing the things they need right away to treat it, many people do not have those things on hand and turn to conventional therapies which often make the problem worse. These natural things work and work well, but they only work if you have them on hand right away. Many of them can only be ordered online which is of course not ideal in an urgent situation.  So here are the […]

Thickened Formula: An Ineffective Health Risk?

Thickened Formula: An Ineffective Health Risk? is thickened formula for infants and thickening feed for the elderly really effective or is it causing health risks? Healthy Families for God

Despite evidence to the contrary, it is still common practice for pediatricians to recommend feed thickeners for infants with reflux and for it to be used in the elderly. Unfortunately, this common practice has not only been repeatedly shown to be ineffective but it has also proven to worsen health. (Much of this info will be on the topic of feed thickener for infants but is also relevant to the use of thickened feed in the elderly as well with some […]

“The Soul is More Important than the Body”–The Phrase That’s Devastating God’s People

"The Soul is More Important than the Body"--The Phrase That's Devastating God's People--Healthy Families for God

“The soul is more important than the body.”  In my six years as a Biblical Natural Health Practitioner, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that in response to conviction to eat healthy. But what they are really saying is,”This is not an area in my life that I want to change.” And it’s so discouraging. It’s heartbreaking. It does not glorify God and it does not help encourage others in the very real and prevalent problems plaguing […]

Secrets to Having Youthful, Healthy Skin Naturally

How to Have Youthful, Healthy Skin Naturally--HFFG

Now that I’m nearing 40, I’ve been giving more thought to maintaining healthy skin. For me, having healthy skin isn’t just about physical appearance. It’s about physical health. Our skin health is an outward expression of our inner health. And with summer here, it’s even more important to take steps to keep our skin healthy. Unfortunately, most of the skin care products available today are full of toxins that can cause long-term health problems. As always, nourishing our body can and should […]

Questions To Ask Your Raw Milk Farmer Before Drinking the Milk!

Questions to Ask Your Raw Milk Farmer BEFORE Drinking the Milk! Healthy Families for God

So you’ve read my post Milk: Helpful or Harmful or other sources and realize that the only (animal) milk worth drinking is fresh, unpasteurized milk from cows, goats, etc. And now you are on the hunt for a good source of local, fresh, and SAFE raw milk. It’s not just a matter of “Oh, my neighbor has a cow and is selling milk!” There are a few things you should ask about before deciding on a good source of fresh milk. […]

CAE: What If We Have It All Wrong?!

cae goat article

Here at HFFG, I’ve written about vaccinations, circumcision, and other extremely controversial topics. But this may be the most controversial post I have ever written; just or a different crowd. I’ve never been one to shy away from controversy (haha anyone who has followed HFFG for awhile knows that’s an understatement!) but I want to approach this topic carefully, respectfully, and with the disclaimer that these are my thoughts and my research on the topic, to which I am entitled. In […]

How to Make Thick Homemade Raw Goats’ Milk Yogurt

I have a tendency to stick with kefir because 1) it’s totally raw 2) it has more benefits than yogurt and 3) it’s so much easier! But there really is nothing like a healthy yogurt with berries and granola! Unfortunately, flavored yogurt from the store often contains more sugar than Lucky Charms! Making it homemade is cheap, healthier, and far more rewarding! But making yogurt from raw milk and getting it thick can be tricky, but it can be especially […]

Some Unorthodox Considerations on Lyme Disease

lyme disease

Where I live, ticks are literally a part of everyday life. We have a farm with half of our property being heavily wooded. As a natural health practitioner, I often get asked about my thoughts on Lyme Disease treatment. I’m not going to claim to be anything close to an expert on this complicated and devastating illness. There is much to know and just not enough info out there about this complicated disease yet. For now, I’m simply going to throw some additional considerations […]

NingXia Red 30-Day Challenge! Swap out your sugary drinks with something healthy!


For May, HFFG and Using the Scents God Gave You is doing a 30-day NingXia Red Challenge to encourage people to eliminate their sugary drinks with something that supports health instead!  For six years, I have provided holistic health services to clients from around the world and have seen the difference that making one small change by getting rid of sugary sodas and lattes can have on a person’s health. It is my passion to see people get well and stay well […]

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