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The Best Way To Help Those With ALS

The Best Way To Help Those With ALS -- Healthy Families for God

  ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease, has become a popular cause to promote lately. And for good reason. Any disease that can cause such horrible health problems, especially so quickly, and then death is worthy of receiving attention. However, we are doing NOTHING to help these people with ALS by dumping ice over our heads   To begin, there are a few problems with donating money to ALS “research.” For starters, only a very small percentage of the money goes [...]

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Are Other Essential Oil Brands Good?

Are Other Essential Oil Brands Good?

One of the most frequently-asked questions I get regarding essential oils is: Are other brands good? As you may have figured out by now, I prefer and use Young Living’s essential oils. That said, I want to say something that might get folks angry at me and that is that YES, I think there are other good-quality brands of essential oils out there. I have used Mountain Rose Herbs and some other independent brands in the past. However, I would [...]

The Supplement Every Pregnant & Breastfeeding Woman Needs!

The Superfood Supplement That Reduces Toxins to Baby During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding -- HFFG

If I told you that research demonstrates that ONE supplement can reduce the toxins transferred to your baby in utero and via breastmilk, reduced pregnancy anemia and other possible pregnancy complications, would you be interested?! I was! When I was breastfeeding my 6th baby who was just a newborn, I came across research proving exactly that with just one superfood supplement. That supplement is CHLORELLA, a green algae that offers some amazing detox benefits as well as many others, including [...]

Healing Cancer With The Gerson Therapy Testimony

Healing Cancer With the Gerson Therapy--A Personal Testimony I Healthy Families for God

I am blessed to be able to bring you the personal testimony of a dear woman for whom God led to using the Gerson Therapy to eliminate her ovarian cancer. Those of you who have been following me for a while and/or read my post Cancer: What You Are NOT Being Told have heard me talk about the Gerson Therapy before.  Dr. Max Gerson developed a treatment protocol using freshly-juiced vegetables and coffee enemas to flood a person’s body with a [...]

Maternal Depletion: What moms need to know about closely-spaced pregnancies and lactation

Maternal Depletion: What Moms Need To Know About Closely-Spaced Pregnancy & Lactation I HFFG

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT normal for women to have worsening health problems as a result of pregnancy. We should not be shrugging off worsening hormone imbalance (weight gain, irregular cycles), postpartum depression, and other common health issues that come after having children. And these everyday prenatal complications, birth defects, and deficiencies in children almost always stem back to prenatal nutrition, despite conventional medicine always trying to find the cause. (The conventional medical field more commonly studies prescriptions [...]

Essential Oils for Summer: Homemade Bug Spray & Sunscreen

Essential Oils for Summer: Recipes for Sunscreen & Insect Repellent I Healthy Families for God

  I know many of you already know the dangers of conventional sunscreen and insect repellent products, so I’ll skip all the technical info and share with you two very effective recipes using therapeutic essential oils for making your own! Be sure to only use therapeutic-grade essential oils to ensure that you are not unknowingly applying chemicals to your skin which will be absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s also important to know that they are high-quality oils to ensure that [...]

Preventing Appendicitis

Preventing Appendicitis I Healthy Families for God

Rates of appendicitis are continuing to rise. And it saddens me to see so many children (and adults) suffer from an illness that results in removing a God-given organ which conventional medicine claims is unnecessary. If God put that part in our body, then He obviously put it there for a reason! It’s sad also because this can be easily prevented! Furthermore, a problem with the appendix is not just a problem in one part of the body. It represents [...]

Bye Bye Sour Breastmilk: The Simple Dietary Solution To Excess Lipase In Breastmilk

Got Sour Milk? The simple solution to excess lipase in breastmilk I Healthy Families for God

While doing some research for my first eBook: Gluten: Biblical or Bad, I came across some startling research. I discovered that the problem some women are having with sour breastmilk that has to be boiled before giving to baby is likely due to mother’s gluten intolerance.  Specifically, I found the following study: Background & Aims: The frequency of elevated serum pancreatic enzymes in patients with celiac disease (celiac disease) is unknown. The aim of this ’study was to evaluate the [...]

Coconut Oil Review & Giveaway!

  One of my FAVORITE things to do is to check out products that help us to live a healthier lifestyle and then be able to share and give those products to my awesome fans! I appreciate so much that so many of you respect my opinion on products and I take that fact very seriously. Recently, Tropical Traditions was generous enough to offer me a quart of their high-quality Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to sample and review. Disclaimer: [...]

Gluten: Biblical or Bad? HFFG’s Very First eBook!

HFFG's first eBook! Gluten: Biblical or Bad; Research, testimonies and tips for deciding if gluten is right (or wrong) for your family

I did it! I finally did it! Despite having 6 kids that I homeschool, clients, and homework for my naturopathy classes, I wrote an eBook!   I chose the topic of Gluten because I have many clients for whom eliminating gluten is a crucial step for good health. But eliminating gluten can be hard, and there are a lot of questions that come with the idea of eliminating gluten, such as: But how can you condone eliminating a Biblical food? [...]

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