You’re Not Going To Believe This…

Just a few days ago, I posted this picture on Facebook:

And I shared a little of my fourth child’s story of how he loves to swing. After his 15-month vaccinations, his neurological development rapidly regressed. He began having physical health issues, some life-threatening. While many of those were reversed with holistic therapy, his sensory development greatly benefited from swinging daily. At 11-years old, I can find him on the swings whenever I am looking for him. He can (and does) sit there swinging for hours.

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Sensory integration is difficult for many autistic children. Swings offer help with sensory integration. Swinging provides essential vestibular movement to help children achieve developmental milestones, and calming them as many are prone to emotions of anger and compulsion. I am happy to see swings be integrated into many neurodevelopmental programs.

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Sharing personal details of my family’s life is hard but my family’s experiences are the reasons I started Healthy Families for God. And I know so many parents out there can relate and need to be reminded they are not alone.

Within hours of posting this, I received a message from a man named Phi, the COO of Swing Kingdom. Swing Kingdom is the nation’s largest vinyl playset manufacture located in Leola, PA, with dealers across the country. Their playsets basically last forever, don’t splinter or rot like wood playsets, and are made of recycled materials. Swing Kingdom even uses stainless steel hardware so it doesn’t rust. We are talking really high-quality playsets!

And much to my amazement, Phi offered to donate a new playset to our family and said:

[Your son’s] story really touched a very special part of my heart on why our company makes what we make. Thank you for sharing it. I always believe that a swingset can change the world.

This is quite different from many of the messages I get on HFFG that are vindictive, angry, and slanderous for sharing truth and personal testimonies. I was in awe. 

And here I am, just a few days later, watching a local dealer of Swing Kingdom playsets install a brand new playset valued at over $4,000 in my backyard. All because someone feels passionately about their company’s mission, about the benefits for children of swinging and playing, and because he follows God’s leading.

This company’s mission is so much more important as many schools abandon recess and many children move farther away from outdoor activities like climbing trees.

I am shaking and holding back tears as I type this. Phi didn’t know what our swingset looked like other than what you can tell from the single picture I posted. He just heard the voice of God and obeyed. Let me show you the condition of our playset that was in the picture above:

Just four days before I posted the photo of my son on the swingset, my husband was fitting new pieces into our swingset to replace the spots that were really rotted and/or broken. As he was doing that, I said a quick, casual prayer in passing that God would make a way for us to get a new one. I quickly forgot about that prayer and just enjoyed watching my son find therapy in swinging on our current swingset. It swings; that’s all he cared about and that’s all I should care about.

Prayer isn’t always answered right away, but sometimes it is! And God was able to use a man who is truly a follower of Christ to answer my prayer and support my autistic son’s swing therapy. 

Look at my son swinging now:

Can you believe it?! Literally just two days after I posted his story on Facebook, this unbelievable gift arrived. 

Would you do me a favor??

Would you show your love to Swing Kingdom?!

Like their Facebook page.

Find a dealer near you if you are in the market for a new playset!

Check out all of the amazing playsets they offer or custom-build one! You can be sure when you buy from Swing Kingdom that the money is going towards Kingdom work!

Click here to check out more about their environmentally-friendly materials and processes.

Share this and/or their posts with friends who are considering a new playground either at home or place of business.

And finally, would you pray with me for God to return this blessing to Phi, his family, Leon (who delivered and installed our set) and his family, and this whole company a hundredfold?! 

I want to add that Swing Kingdom (or any of its employees) did not, in any way, ask me to write this post or even ask me to share about their company at all on my blog or social media. In fact, I hope it’s okay with them that I am writing this! I just want everyone to know how God was able to use this amazing company that provides such amazing products to bless my family. 

God is so faithful and loving. I pray you really know that. 

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff

Natural Health Practitioner

Healthy Families for God

Using the Scents God Gave You

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