Have A Passion For Natural Health? Want To Work From Home?


Do you have a passion for natural health, want to work from home, and receive FREE online education?!!

I spent thousands of dollars on my training as a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Naturopathic Doctor, and while I don’t regret it, I do wonder sometimes if it was necessary. For one thing, a lot of what I learned to help people the most was completely separate studying from the studying in those programs. The knowledge I use the most to help people was not from those classes. 

For another thing, they cost A LOT of money!

And for another, I now have access to free online education.

Yes, free online education! Not just in health stuff but in personal character and business training!

Does this interest you?

Have you wanted to help people get healthy naturally but just didn’t know where to start? And be able to do it from home and contribute to your family’s income?

If that’s you, I’d love for you to be able to join me in this movement to help people get and stay healthy naturally! And benefit your family financially if that is a goal you have as well! There is such a vast need for people to do this and it is a constantly growing field! 

And as someone who practiced alone for many years, I can tell you that the other benefit to this is being a part of a team! Having others to support you, offer their assistance as well to the people you are helping, having other resources and accountability to them from our team, etc., and having team activities to keep you going and continuously learning makes it SO much more rewarding and possible to do this! Because doing it alone can cause burnout FAST!


This is part of the free online training that is available to qualifying people. It is a program that is all online, can be done from a smartphone, and is at your own pace. A certificate is awarded for each level completed and you enter your mentor info when you start so that your mentor will receive notification of when you start and complete each training level! 


All that’s required is to be a Young Living wholesale member!

But this free online training is only available to members of Vital 180, a Young Living team under Royal Crown Diamond leaders Brenda & Scott Schuler! So not all Young Living members get access to this!

Those who become a Young Living wholesale member through me or anyone on my team will have access to this free training, our team’s support and resources, and my services and assistance for free.


What does this training cover?

Due to FDA constraints, this program is not able to cover many medical-type health things. The majority of it focuses on business training, personal development, and the basics of a natural lifestyle.

To supplement that training with natural health training, I have a list of textbooks and other books I recommend reading that helped me more than anything in my paid tuition classes. (I can only make this list available in our team’s private Facebook group for compliancy purposes.)


So what are the other benefits of having a Young Living business?!


Most people hear “network marketing” and think it’s a waste of time, a scam, and/or does not bring about substantial income. 

I did!

For two years, I researched essential oils to find the best quality and the most therapeutic essential oils, and hesitated to become a Young Living member because of my bias against network marketing. Even after I became a member to get wholesale prices on therapeutic oils, I still hesitated for a couple more years to actually utilize it and its resources in my practice. 

That was a HUGE mistake. I lost YEARS that were filled with potential! Not only could I have had better resources but all of our financial struggles could have been eased so much sooner! 

Check out this video where I explain what I actually came to discover about network marketing and why it is the PERFECT model of business for Christians!


But maybe you or someone you know pursued a direct marketing company like Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Avon, or any one of the many others out there today. And it didn’t bring about considerable income. There are two things to consider:

1. With Young Living, you are helping change people’s health and helping them utilize God-given therapies. For those that have a passion for this, it is incredibly rewarding no matter what the income is.

2. Of course, we want our time to be worth it financially too! Consider this–Young Living is growing at an incredibly huge rate and is a lifestyle product. How often does someone you know need multiple new handbags? Or a baking stone? Not every single month, that’s for sure! But because Young Living offers natural alternatives for health care and support, these are consumable products that will be needed and used up on a daily basis. 

I have a member of my team who was a high-ranking Pampered Chef consultant for 10 years. In just SIX MONTHS of pursuing her Young Living business, she has done far better (financially as well as in changing people’s lives) than she did at the end of her 10-year Pampered Chef career! There are so many more possibilities with Young Living than other network marketing companies, and it’s one of the few where you can actually help people really improve their lives by improving their health naturally! 


Okay, so we can change people’s lives, and that’s awesome! But we all need to know–Is it really profitable too?!


An updated Income Disclosure Statement:


How long does it take to reach these ranks and income levels?! It all depends on the person. I decided just under one year ago to actually pursue Young Living’s business opportunity (after having been a member for a few years). In the last year, I have reached Silver rank and am on track with my monthly goals to hit Gold rank by January. Then my husband will retire from his job!

Currently, my husband been able to reduce his work week down to four days which has been an amazing blessing in our lives. You see for years, he has worked 60 hour weeks to help our family continue homeschooling and to provide for our family. For years, we have struggled with so very little time with him while he worked tirelessly to support our family. Having our children homeschooled was very important to us, but I didn’t realize until the last year that it wasn’t necessary for us to struggle financially to allow me to be home with them!

Even with my work as a natural health practitioner apart from Young Living, the income was not considerable enough to ease our struggles and my husband’s workload. 

Whether or not this information is something you are interested in, please at least join me in the blessing this has been for my family!


In addition to some booklets I offer to those who want to pursue the business side of Young Living, there is a fabulous book called The Four Year Career. This book details all the exacts of growing your Young Living business in four years to reach one of the highest levels and incredibly high income potential. It’s not a magic formula and it takes effort and perseverance.

And the first year does not provide considerable income. The first year is devoted to putting any income back into the business (including paying for your family’s oils, supplements, etc. from Young Living). The second year is investing some but enjoying some side income. The third is enjoying residual income, and the fourth is coasting!

So it’s important to know that you’re not going to make enough income to replace a job the first year. Well, maybe! There are some people who are so successful right away that they do. But most of us don’t. 

But if you knew you could provide a considerable income and retirement plan for your family after 1-4 years of investing into a business, would it be worth it?!

To me, YES!

Even just after a year and helping contribute the amount of income I am for my family, it’s worth it to me!

You work the hours that work for you around your family’s schedule! This way, you can keep God + Family FIRST! I homeschool my kids and they have lots of activities outside of the home (American Sign Language class, horseback riding lessons, music lessons, church groups, etc.) so my work schedule revolves around their activities and lessons! 

For more info on the average amount of hours worked for each income level, see the column on the left on the full Income Disclosure Statement here: 

And doing it this way, I have to say that I don’t have the burnout feelings I did when I was practicing alone and offering my natural health services to the public. Being part of a team and having access to resources other than what I make or have through my education is an incredible blessing!

Please also check out this post with the benefits of being on my team.

You can also check out what I discovered in my two years of researching essential oils here.

There are absolutely no monthly obligations to being a Young Living member, and the only requirement is purchasing a starter kit. Click here to learn more about the starter kits.

I also gift all new members on my team with The EO Bar app.


This is a fabulous resource for giving you all the info on using essential oils including safety, the three methods of use (topical, aromatic, and internal), recipes for many different blends that support specific areas of health, and specific information including application and dilution recommendations for each essential oil.

This is not only great information for you to have on hand for yourself but also to help others who are learning to use essential oils for their family’s health! 

In addition to the free online training courses, my team members are encouraged to contact me anytime they have questions about someone’s health that they are helping. 

AND through Vital 180, we also get free downloadable classes, presentations, infographics, and more to help share and teach natural health to others!


But what about certification for practicing?

There is no need for certification to help people get healthy naturally. There are a lot of legalities and risks in “practicing,” so the safest way to help people and protect yourself is to not have “practice” or have “patients” but to be an educator and a wholesale member of a pre-existing company. This greatly reduces, if not virtually eliminates, risk of legal problems.


Maybe this info isn’t for you, and that’s okay! 

Thank you for reading and joining with me in celebrating the blessing it is for my family!


For those who this info is an answer to prayer, I am excited for you! I hope and pray you will experience the same incredible passion, joy, and blessings I have with it!

If you would like more information on pursuing this venture to help people with their health naturally, please contact me by messaging me on my Facebook page here or here.

You can also go to my other website here for lots more info.

To get started as a wholesale member on my team, click here.

Young Living's Mission Statement

Young Living’s Mission Statement

Will you join me in this mission?!


Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff



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