A Simple Cure for Polyhydramnios?


I have a dear friend who is a research hound like me. She uses prayer combined with research to seek God’s wisdom for naturally treating health issues that her and her friends are facing, and God has been incredibly faithful to give her the information she seeks. In one situation, she had a friend who needed help for polyhydramnios, a condition during pregnancy where there is an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. 

She found some recent research done on pregnant women to analyze the effects of Vitamin D on gestational diabetes. But a surprising finding of this research was:

those in the vitamin D group had no case of polyhydramnios, while 17.4% of subjects in placebo group had this condition1

The study concluded:

vitamin D supplementation for 6 weeks among pregnant women resulted in decreased maternal polyhydramnios.

In my friend’s case, she forwarded this research to her friend who began taking fermented cod liver oil as a source of natural Vitamin D. In just ten days of taking 1 to 2 tsp (5 to 10 mL) daily, her polyhydramnios was gone! 


Ten days of taking the recommended prenatal dosage of fermented cod liver oil.

Yet I look on all conventional medical articles on this topic and all they say is, “There is no known cause or treatment.” But it took my friend less than an hour to find this published medical research for Vitamin D. This happens with many things in the field of conventional medicine. Research demonstrating nutritional causes and treatments are ignored. Maybe it’s because there’s no profit in them. Of course there’s a lot of profit in induction, emergency c-section, and NICU care. 

Whatever the reason, I encourage all our readers to pray and seek God’s wisdom. He has the answers for these things and wants to give them to us. 

Keep in mind: Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of MANY adverse pregnancy outcomes. All women should test their Vitamin D level before becoming pregnant and/or once or twice during pregnancy to ensure the best possible health for baby and mom. This is a simple blood test that can be done by your provider (if they will do it) or you can click here to order a home test kit to test you Vitamin D level yourself. 

When you order the test through my website, you are welcome to forward me the results of your test for some help calculating proper treatment dosage of Vitamin D based on your results. 

For some other very important considerations on the topic of polyhydramnios that are not often discussed, please read this: https://midwifethinking.com/2013/08/14/amniotic-fluid-volume-too-much-too-little-or-who-knows/

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff



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