NingXia Red 30-Day Challenge! Swap out your sugary drinks with something healthy!


For May, HFFG and Using the Scents God Gave You is doing a 30-day NingXia Red Challenge to encourage people to eliminate their sugary drinks with something that supports health instead! 

For six years, I have provided holistic health services to clients from around the world and have seen the difference that making one small change by getting rid of sugary sodas and lattes can have on a person’s health. It is my passion to see people get well and stay well and that can only be done by eliminating these sugary drinks from our daily diet!

We will start out the Challenge with a Facebook class on Sunday, May 1st at 8pm CST where you will learn what NingXia Red is and why drinking it for 30 days can have such an amazing impact on your health! We will discuss the history of wolfberries as ancient medicine and what the wolfberries in NingXia Red can do for your health today. All you have to do to attend is be logged onto Facebook! If you can’t attend during the live class, you are free to check this events page at your convenience and scroll through the class posts to learn more about this challenge and about NingXia Red.

Ningxia antioxidants
To join the class and this challenge, go here:

The best part is that there are going to be giveaways and prizes throughout the month of May on HFFG & Using the Scents God Gave You’s Facebook pages for our 30-day NingXia Red Challenge!

This is a great time to eliminate that daily drink that is sucking the health out of your body and replace it with something that will support your energy and overall health!

Even if you don’t currently drink sugary sodas or lattes, this is a great opportunity to see the difference that a daily antioxidant drink like NingXia Red can do for your health!

Even as a holistic health practitioner with a diet that matches what I preach, I couldn’t believe the difference in my own health after I started drinking NingXia Red daily!

If you’re up for the Challenge and are already a Young Living wholesale member, you can order your NingXia Red anytime and start the Challenge when you are ready!

If you are not already a Young Living wholesale member, here is some information for ordering your 30-day supply of NingXia Red:

retail or wholesale

NingXia Red is from Young Living. You can either order NingXia Red as a retail customer or a wholesale member. Wholesale member price is 24% less. In order to become a wholesale member, a purchase of a starter kit is required. You can click here to learn more about the starter kits.


As you will see, one of the starter kits is a NingXia Red kit! This gets you a Young Living wholesale membership and all the benefits that come with that (with absolutely no obligation to buy anything each month!) and a 2+ months’ supply of NingXia Red for less than buying them separately, PLUS NingXia Nitro (we’ll talk about this natural energy shot in our class!), a bottle of Stress Away, and sample packets! 

free holistic help

Of course, all wholesale members who enroll with Young Living through me also get my holistic healthcare services for free. 

To become a wholesale member and purchase your starter kit, click here and message me on either of my Facebook pages or click here to Contact Me anytime.


ningxia free gummy molds

For new members who sign up with a NingXia Red Starter Kit through my website link above, I will mail you these new silicone molds with a recipe for making NingXia Red gummies as a thank you! 

*Offer only available to U.S. residents.

For Retail Customers

For those who would like to order as a retail customer, you can order a 30-day supply of NingXia Red in glass bottles:

ningxia red bottles

or 2-ounce packets:

ningxia red packets

You can click here to order these products as a retail customer as well (just be sure to click on the box for Retail customer.)

When considering the cost of NingXia Red, keep in mind that you are purchasing your entire month’s supply! How much would it cost to pay for your entire month’s supply of lattes or soda?!


And think of how much health your body is getting instead!! We will be talking much more about that in our Facebook class on May 1st, so don’t miss it!

Be sure to also follow HFFG on Facebook where we will be discussing the impact of sugary drinks on your health! It’s a hard truth that will reap a world of benefits for those who are ready to change!!

Blessings of good health,

~Sara Jo Poff

Holistic Health Practitioner

Healthy Families for God

Using the Scents God Gave You

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