Nutritional Protection & Detox Protocol From Vaccine Toxicity

The following is a standard protocol of natural food supplements that are used to rid the body of excess heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and arsenic; eliminate other toxins and byproducts of vaccines; and restore/protect the intestinal wall and other parts of the body from vaccine-induced damage.  This protocol is adapted from information compiled from resources such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Klinghardt, and Dr. Russell Blaylock.

This protocol can be used to detox from vaccinations even years afterwards if the heavy metals are still accumulated in the body. A hair mineral analysis done by a local wellness chiropractor or naturopath is a good tool to determine if the body has accumulated levels of these toxins.

This protocol can also be used for those in the military, the healthcare field, or other situations where certain vaccinations are required/forced.

It can also be used as an integral part of healing a child from vaccine-induced damage and protecting children proactively from upcoming vaccinations. 

For those who are going to be given a vaccination, begin this protocol a week before the scheduled inoculation and continue for at least two weeks afterwards.

For those suffering from toxicity as a result of other factors such as amalgam fillings, prescription medications, workplace exposure to chemicals, farm/lawn chemicals, etc., this protocol can also be used. 

Because these supplements are food, they are not medicine and do not carry the same overdose dangers as man-made drugs.

Take all of these supplements (it will not work if you take only one or two of them) each day for a period of at least two weeks. If vaccines will be given in the near future, this protocol should be started one to two weeks prior and continued for two weeks after.


*Dosage recommendations are for 150-pound adults.  For children’s dosages, divide their weight by 150 and multiply that number by the adult dosage to get the child’s dosage recommendations.

For instance, for a 60-pound child:

60 / 150 =  .4 x  500 mg (adult chlorella dosage) = 200 mg

(Note: That formula will not be necessary for all supplements as some can/may need to be taken in higher doses.) 


This natural food is a plant-based algae that is very efficient at binding to and removing heavy metals through the bowels. You can read my article on Chlorella, how it moves metals and things like candida out of the body, as well as how it affects detoxification here.

It is the powerhouse and most important part of any detox protocol. Chlorella not only helps get out stored toxins but also offers the bonus of helping support the body’s detox systems so that those toxins can LEAVE the body! 

Digestion discomfort is common with chlorella when it does not contain added enzymes, which is why HFFG’s Chlorella Detox contains added enzymes.

Additionally, it is very important to make sure the chlorella is sourced from a clean location to avoid adding more toxins into your body when it comes from somewhere like Japan or China. (HFFG’s Chlorella is sourced from South Korea, one of the cleanest sources of chlorella.)

Per Dr. Mercola’s dosage recommendations for heavy metal detox:

Start with 500 mg (1 tablet/capsule) or ¼ tsp of powder once daily.  Over the course of one or two weeks, work up to 10 tablets or 1 tsp of powder daily.

Take chlorella 30 minutes before dinner.  

Vitamin C

Both in recent years and in the past, doctors have begun realizing the benefits of
mega Vitamin C doses to cure chronic diseases like cancer. While some conventional
doctors think mega doses like those recommended by orthomolecular and naturopathic
physicians are dangerous, there have not been any reported overdoses. In contrast,
there are a quarter of a million deaths related to prescription drugs being used as
recommended by the doctor. Any vitamin C that the body does not need will be flushed out through the bowels. There is no potential for toxicity with vitamin C. 

Vitamin C works in more ways than we can count to help detox the body and protect the body from harmful toxins. It is a very potent antioxidant, protects the body from oxidative damage, helps repair tissues, and so much more.

2,000 mg to 5,000 mg per day (or more) in doses of 1,000 mg – 2,000 mg at a time and taken frequently throughout the day. For children, doses should be not more than 500 mg at a time. (See Dr. Klenner’s chart for more information on proper dosing.)

Our family uses Nutribiotic’s non-GMO sodium ascorbate for Vitamin C therapeutic dosing:

Vitamin E

This vitamin supplement is important to take in conjunction with Vitamin C for detoxification regimens.  It is an antioxidant that strengthens virtually all functions and cells of the body.

For detox, purchase a supplement without fillers or additives.  Purchase one that specifies it as “d-alpha-tocopherol” and NOT “dl-alpha-tocopherol” (notice the “l” difference in the undesired synthetic version). I prefer one of the following Vitamin E supplements:

Take 600 IU daily together with the Vitamin C after a meal. 


Garlic is one of the most valuable foods on this planet.  It has been used since Biblical times for many purposes including lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, preventing heart attacks, and even for cancer treatment.  It’s most notable quality is its status as a natural antibiotic. 

Fresh garlic can be used for this protocol and is recommended as three cloves of raw garlic per day (taken with a spoonful of honey helps).  It is important to know, however, that “fresh” garlic from the store can often be from China which means it’s been irradiated.  This exposure to radiation renders the garlic dead and inactive.  Look for organic garlic or fresh garlic from a farmer’s market, grow your own, or get it from a local organic produce co-operative!

For those who cannot tolerate fresh garlic, you can take an odorless garlic supplement like this:


When combined with Vitamin E, selenium protects the body from the formation of free radicals.  This is especially important during detoxification when heavy metals circulating the body can form into free radicals without these nutrients. 

Dosages up to 200 micrograms (mcg) per day is safe; it is recommended not to take more than 400 micrograms per day.  The average adult can simply eat two to four Brazil nuts per day to get an all-natural food source of this mineral; children can eat one or two per day (provided the nuts are not grown in mineral-deficient soil). You can also check out HFFG’s Thyroid Mineral Support which contains the necessary amount of selenium. If you are on a multivitamin, check to see if it contains selenium.

You can also check out HFFG’s Kid’s Special Multivitamin Formula to get a wide variety of the nutrients needed to detox, including 200 mcg of selenium, 500 mg of vitamin C, 150 iu’s of vitamin E, and much more.

HFFG’s Kid’s Special Multivitamin Citrus:

HFFG’s Kid’s Special Multivitamin Berry Pomegranate:


Cilantro is the often underplayed superhero in the world of detoxification.  It is so strong that people with amalgam dental fillings (fillings with mercury in them) can have a metal reaction upon eating foods with cilantro like fresh salsa. This is not common, however, and would indicate severe toxicity.

For those who may react to this food in oral form, a tincture (liquid form in a dropper-bottle) can be used.  One would apply tincture to the wrists and rub in twice daily.

For others, using a lot of cilantro in food is helpful; adding to salads, pureeing up in dips and dressings, adding to soups, and even juicing. It is best to purchase organic cilantro or grow it yourself. It can even be grown inside in potted containers in the colder months.


Since gut health is absolutely vital for a person’s body to be able to absorb these nutrients, a probiotic supplement is crucial.  Good bacteria from probiotics also helps protect the intestinal lining from being broken down. The intestinal wall is our strongest defense for a healthy immune system and for preventing allergies, autoimmune diseases, and much more.

To get this protection, you can use a probiotic supplement like HFFG’s Baby Biotic, HFFG’s Children’s Chewable probiotic, or probiotic-rich foods such as kefir (unsweetened made from whole raw milk, coconut kefir, or water kefir), kombucha or lacto-fermented vegetables.

Very important additional tips:

During detoxification, a person may feel worse before feeling better.  This is because toxins will once again begin circulating through the blood stream and in the bowels. If one’s transit time (the time it takes for food to go through the entire digestive system from the mouth to the toilet) is slow, toxins are likely to get reabsorbed back into the body when sitting in the intestines for a long period of time. Consequently, getting adequate fiber intake, especially from vegetables and leafy greens, is crucial. Avoid consuming things like pasteurized dairy, refined flours, and refined sugars to avoid constipation or slower transit time. It is ideal for everyone to test their body’s transit time. This can be done by consuming corn or beets (beets are healthier and turn the bowels red; corn is less healthy and not digested so it will come out whole in the bowels) and counting the hours from when that food is consumed to the time it is found in the bowels. Ideal transit time is less than 24 hours. 

In cases of extreme toxicity, ask your health professional about coffee enemas or read more about them here:

It is crucial to drink plenty of water as this is the best way to help toxins exit the body.  To find the minimum amount of water a person should drink, divide their weight in half.  That is the minimum number of ounces they should drink each day during a normal lifestyle.  During a detox protocol, that amount should be higher. Make sure the water is not city tap water with fluoride and chlorine.

Dietary changes are incredibly important to help this process be successful.  Eliminate sugars and processed foods as listed in the beginning of this post.  Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are essential to keep the liver strong during the detoxification process.


For purchasing any of the products on Vitacost linked herein, you can use my referral code to get $10 off your first order of $30 or more:


Disclaimer:  This information is not meant to be used in place of medical treatment.  Please consult with either a physician, naturopathic doctor, or other healthcare provider for further information. 

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