The Supplement Every Pregnant & Breastfeeding Woman Needs!

If I told you that research demonstrates that ONE supplement can reduce the toxins transferred to your baby in utero and via breastmilk, reduced pregnancy anemia and other possible pregnancy complications, would you be interested?!

My 6th baby getting mama’s milk full of all the benefits from chlorella!

I was! When I was breastfeeding my 6th baby who was just a newborn, I came across research proving exactly that with just one superfood supplement. That supplement is CHLORELLA, a green algae that offers some amazing detox benefits as well as many others, including some that are extremely beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers.  That is why I want to share some of that research with you and reasons why I think every pregnant and breastfeeding mom should be supplementing with chlorella!

Many of you have heard about Chlorella and its detoxifying properties like those listed in my article Detox 101 and the power of Chlorella. In the natural health world, whenever someone hears that something is “detoxifying,” the question that usually follows is, “Is it safe for pregnant/breastfeeding moms?!” Not only is it safe but it is VERY beneficial! Here are some of the benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding moms that research is finding:

Anemia, Preeclampsia, & Edema

Research from 2010 found that chlorella during pregnancy was very beneficial for reducing anemia, proteinuria (preeclampsia), and edema (swelling/water retention). Specifically the researchers concluded:

These results suggest that Chlorella supplementation significantly reduces the risk of pregnancy associated anemia, proteinuria and edema. Chlorella supplement may be useful as a resource of natural folate, vitamin B-12 and iron for pregnant women.1


(Note: in the above study, the women were supplemented daily from 12th-18th wk of gestation until delivery with 6 g of Chlorella supplement. This is 6,000 mg, or twelve 500 mg capsules.)

While chlorella does contain those beneficial nutrients, including iron, it is my theory that part of the reason it helps prevent pregnancy anemia is also due to its detoxification properties. You see, when the body is dealing with an infection or underlying inflammation (related to toxins, bacteria, etc.), the body instinctively “hides” iron because bacteria loves iron. This will appear as low iron levels. Supplementing with isolated iron supplements is not only hard on the digestive system but also gives that underlying bacteria something to hide in rather than helping the body eliminate it. Thus, chlorella offers the benefits of giving the body iron as well as helping eliminate pathogenic bacteria and toxins to allow the body to stop “hiding” iron.

Reducing Toxins Transferred to Baby & Strengthening Baby’s Immune System

Additional research has proven that chlorella taken during pregnancy and lactation can reduce the amount of toxins that reach the baby! For example:

Dioxins can be transferred from mother to fetus via the placenta, or to nursing infants via breast milk, potentially causing developmental health problems in children. 

Dioxins are a by-product of chlorine and chemical lawn/farm products. They are found in things like tampons, menstrual pads, diapers, and anything else that is bleached. However, more than 90% of human exposure is through food, mainly meat and dairy products, fish and shellfish. Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.

In 2007, research was published on the effects of chlorella on breastmilk and dioxin toxins. They stated:

(Chlorella) supplements during pregnancy, and the effects on dioxin and IgA concentrations in breast milk were investigated. Toxic equivalents were significantly lower in the breast milk of women taking Chlorella tablets than in the Control group (P .003). These results suggest that Chlorella supplementation by the mother may reduce transfer of dioxins to the child through breast milk.

The study went on to conclude:

IgA concentrations in breast milk in the Chlorella group were significantly higher than in the Control group (P .03). Increasing IgA levels in breast milk is considered to be effective for reducing the risk of infection in nursing infants.  IgA concentrations in breast

milk in the Chlorella group were significantly higher than in the Control group (P .03). Increasing IgA levels in breast milk
is considered to be effective for reducing the risk of infection in nursing infants.2


And when it comes that nasty mercury that we want to avoid going into our precious babies’ brains, chlorella helps with that too!

The blood and brain Hg [mercury] levels of both neonates and mothers in the CP diet group were significantly lower than those in the basal diet group…  The results obtained here revealed that continuous CP [chlorella powder] intake suppressed MeHg [methylmercury] transfer to the fetus, in addition to effective suppressing MeHg accumulation in brains of the mothers.3


For more information on chlorella including what it is as well as other benefits (such as for removing heavy metals from the body, binding to candida in the digestive tract and helping eliminate candida overgrowth, and much more, click here to read my article Detox 101 and the Power of Chlorella.


In my search for a high-quality chlorella product that I could use for pregnancy, lactation, the rest of my family, and especially to offer my clients, I found one that fit the bill and had the additional benefits of containing broccoli enzymes and digestive enzymes for better absorption and more detoxifying power, but it was only available to healthcare professionals. Consequently, I private-labeled this supplement to make it available to my clients and customers. 

Click here to check out more information about HFFG’s Chlorella Detox supplement and to purchase it.


(If you purchase a different chlorella, I recommend getting one that is thin-cell-walled and from a good source. Some green powder supplements contain chlorella; just check the dosage (mg) to ensure that it is sufficient.)


We live in a toxic world indeed, but we also live in an age where we are able to utilize the power of God’s natural superfoods in the form of high-quality supplements to help counteract living in this toxic world. Isn’t God great?!

Blessings of good health,



1: Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2010 Mar;65(1):25-30. doi: 10.1007/s11130-009-0145-9.

2: J Med Food 10 (1) 2007, 134–142. DOI: 10.1089/jmf.2006.023

 3: J Toxicol Sci. 2011 Oct;36(5):675-80.

 NOTE: The only contraindication for taking Chlorella is for those who are immunosuppressant medications as Chlorella can increase immune function.
For more information on prenatal nutrition, check out:
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