Healing Cancer With The Gerson Therapy Testimony

I am blessed to be able to bring you the personal testimony of a dear woman for whom God led to using the Gerson Therapy to eliminate her ovarian cancer.

Those of you who have been following me for a while and/or read my post Cancer: What You Are NOT Being Told have heard me talk about the Gerson Therapy before. 

Dr. Max Gerson developed a treatment protocol using freshly-juiced vegetables and coffee enemas to flood a person’s body with a mega-load of fresh, healthy nutrients and to rapidly detox in order to treat many illnesses. At first, he used it to treat migraines and tuberculosis, but found it to be an effective treatment for healing cancer. He fine-tuned his treatment protocol over a few decades on his patients. The astounding success of his treatment caught the eye of many around him, although he received much criticism and even had his life threatened (and was eventually killed by someone poisoning him).

During a three-day period in July 1946, the U.S. Senate took testimony from nationally known cancer researchers relating to a Bill referred to as the Pepper-Neely anticancer proposal. This bill recommended the appropriation of $100 million from the government’s budget for cancer researchers to find a cure for cancer once and for all. Dr. Gerson presented case studies of his cured patients using his natural therapy. His therapy consisted mostly of juicing fresh vegetables where the patient would consume between 17 and 20 pounds of produce a day. His impressive testimony and case records caused Senator Pepper to call a press conference to bring this information to the media.

However, massive numbers of lobbyists for the immensely wealthy Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (PMA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the American Cancer Society (ACS) prevailed on reporters to ignore the Gerson press conference and instead attend a cocktail party. One reporter, however, dared to cover this story. After his coverage, phone calls lit up the American Broadcast Corporation’s switchboard. Unfortunately, members of the PMA who were producing cytotoxic agents (chemotherapy) for cancer treatment threatened to cancel all radio advertising contracts for their drugs sold over the counter, which would have been an annual loss in revenue for ABC amounting to tens of millions of dollars. 

Within two weeks of that fateful broadcast, the reporter who covered the story was fired after thirty years at the same job. And the Senate bill was defeated.

If you don’t believe that the cancer industry has been hiding this cure for decades, you can see the transcript for yourself here: http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/chris/1946_Testimony_ocr.pdf  

So today, I want to share with you a special woman’s brief testimony of the Gerson Therapy healing her ovarian cancer in just a few months: I was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer [stage IC] on May 2, 2007 during surgery for removal of a large tumor. My doctor recommended chemo to begin 6 weeks after surgery (the recovery period), because (1) cancer cells were found in the washings (it was starting to spread), and (2) clear cell cancer is extremely aggressive (so much so that it isn’t given a rating like other cancers are).

The doctor said that either of these situations alone was enough to recommend chemo. My pastor recommended I look into several “alternate” therapies.

By August I had a large amount of ascites (a gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid). I asked for the elders to pray over me hoping God would miraculously cure me (with no effort on my part).  God did not choose to do that. Instead, God led me to Gerson.

I went to Baja Nutri Care (Tijuana, Mexico) November 20 to learn the Gerson Therapy in order to do it at home.  

After 5 weeks on the Gerson Therapy, my anemia of 3 years went away.

After 4 months, the ascites had cleared.

At 5 months, however, I had to significantly reduce my therapy, because I became pregnant. I had 2 doctors ask if I was willing to terminate my pregnancy (kill my baby). At the time, I knew that God is in control and I was excited to see if He would keep the cancer away during the whole pregnancy (which apparently would be a miracle according to the doctors).  

My second born is now 5 years old.  My third child is now 3 years old.  At my check-up in Aug. 2011, my ob/gyn asked me for information on what I did so she could give it to a friend who was recently diagnosed. She said she considered my situation “a miracle.”

I know I stopped Gerson far short of full immune system repair, but I’m glad I’ve been in remission while I’ve given birth to 2 babies. My Lord Jesus led me to Gerson, then decided I should get pregnant shortly after remission.  My life is in His hands.  He has kept me cancer free thus far. ~Dana N  

If you want to know more about the Gerson Therapy, be sure to check out this book:  






                Visit http://www.gerson.org/ for more information and more testimonies. And if you haven’t already done so, be sure to read my article Cancer: What You Are NOT Being Told.  



Blessings of good health, ~Sara      

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