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This is a picture of one of my favorite parts of my job: sitting down with all of my reference books, a client’s questionnaire and food log to individually evaluate a health plan for them!

As some of you know, I started out studying as a Certified Nutrition Consultant and am pursuing additional training in Doctor of Naturopathy and Certified Health Specialist programs. Unfortunately, my education has come to a halt due to lack of funding.

But because of all the amazing support and encouragement I have received from everyone on HFFG’s Facebook page, I have hope that I can continue! After briefly mentioning my situation, I began receiving emails with donations, questions for how to help raise money, etc. I was so encouraged and humbled that HFFG’s friends would want to help!

Many suggested that I use GoFundMe but after looking into it and having already received donations via Paypal, I realized that Paypal’s fees were much cheaper than GoFundMe. It would cost over $500 in fees with GoFundMe which is donations from you generous people that I can’t bear to see go to fees!

Consequently, I have decided to go through Paypal to receive donations for fundraising to help me finish my program. Paypal’s fees for donations are a fraction of GoFundMe!
So here are the details:


After 4 years of helping many clients and helping educate thousands of people on my healthpage, my resolve only gets stronger to help people see that allopathic (drug-driven) medicine is NOT the only way. It is my passion to help God’s people see that the natural foods and medicines He created are our best choice in at least most situations. With each additional bit of information I learn through the materials in the naturopathy program, my resolve grows stronger and my knowledge grows wider so that I am able to help more of God’s people with more of their health concerns.

I feel that if more and more of God’s people would study natural medicine and nutritional therapy centered on the things He has made for food and medicine, it would give God’s people another option for treatment and an alternative to chemical drugs and invasive procedures. Iatrogenic (doctor-induced) deaths and injuries kill more people than street drugs, so this is definitely an area that needs to be addressed within the body of Christ!

School: Trinity School of Natural Health

I chose this program after prayer, talking to others, and a lot of research. In the natural health world, there is some curriculum and classes that tend to go against God’s word. Much of this has to do with Eastern medicine practices. Some of the practices may be beneficial but the roots and surrounding information is contrary to Scripture.

That is one reason why I chose Trinity. Trinity School of Natural Health is a non-profit Christian natural health school. Trinity School is accredited and recognized by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board, Inc.

Another reason is because they offer everything online, which is essential for this homeschooling mama of 6 children!*

Program: Certification for Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Health Specialist, and Master Herbalist Program

(I have already completed the C.N.C. coursework; just need to continue on for the ND, CHS, and MH, some of which has significant overlap so I felt it would be most beneficial to do the entire program rather than one or two individual ones. Any way I can further help people is my mission!)

Total health is achieved by understanding the intricate relationships of the body (physical), mind (emotional) and spirit (spiritual). It is no accident that the Creator has numerous methods of analyzing our complex body. The Scripture says, “At the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.” (Deuteronomy 19:15). This program encompasses the awareness of a multitude of modalities to observe circumstances in the body as well as a detailed study of nutrition, herbs and other available natural resources. The student learns how to determine the best of all natural options according to the knowledge gained from numerous information-gathering techniques. (From Trinity School of Natural Health)


I am also working towards additional diplomas in Blood Chemistry & Urine Analysis as well as Tissue Mineral & Heavy Metal Hair Analysis from a separate school. (Additional diplomas are through the University of Natural Medicine as these courses, which I feel are crucial to my practice, are not part of Trinity’s programs.)


Remaining Tuition: $4,745
Books: $750
Shipped Modules: $360
Blood Chemistry & Urine Analysis Diploma: $440
Tissue Mineral & Heavy Metal Hair Analysis: $330

Total: $6,625**

I have learned so much with my current education and have been able to help people with so many things, but there is so much more I can still learn and so many more ways I could still help! I am so excited to do things like be able to assess mineral levels, analyze urine/blood for deficiencies, and so much more. I always have to send clients somewhere else to do this and it would be nice to provide all (or most) of the services people need to get healthy naturally! And I know that the additional information gleaned from this continued education will allow me to expand my services to help more and more of my brothers and sisters in Christ with natural medicine practices!



[thermometer raised=1790 target=6625]

Your contribution encourages me that people benefit from the information I post every day and have been posting on my Facebook page for the last few years! I pray that God would continue to use me for His purposes in helping break the chains that bind people into fear-based medicine, food addictions, and food-related health problems.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your encouragement especially! You are all such a blessing!


One contributor said:

If each of us gave just a couple dollars Sara would have beyond what she needs. No donation is too small.  And I know she LOVES and appreciates your prayer. As you are praying ask God what your part is and how you can bless her (and Him). Thank you everyone for reading about this, encouraging her and considering. Sara is such a generous person with a heart and passion to help families.

 Another said:

Sara has one of the best health websites & fb pages I have come across. She so freely shares her knowledge to the betterment of our health. You would have to pay to see a Health Practicioner to get some of the information Sara so willingly gives us. I learn from her nearly daily and look forward to her posts, wondering what she is going to share today. It is so worth it to help her reach her education goals. If you have not made a donation yet, I encourage you to donate to this great cause. Sara is a great encourager & a blessing to all who are wanting to achieve better health. No donation is too small & how exciting to be able to be a part to see this happen!!

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and prayers! May God richly bless you!


*Some people may cite this school as an unofficial program for doctor of naturopathy because it is a non-profit, Christian organization does not have accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education. However, as many of us know, there is a lot of political/government attempts to monopolize ALL health/medical schools, and Trinity has chosen to stay out of that. Licensing requirements by the government cartel only seek to further their monopolized form of medicine, which is not something I am interested in pursuing as I do not believe it will allow me to provide the right health information to my clients.
**Being hopelessly frugal, I will likely seek to purchase as many of the materials/books for this program through secondhand sources to save money. Any additional funds raised will go towards opening up a rental office space for in-person appointments.
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