Our Family’s Alternative to Drinking Out of Plastic!

Are you drinking out of plastic? Both disposable and reusable plastic water bottles pose a threat to your family’s health! As Dr. Mercola reports:

Plastic often used to make water bottles contains chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which mimic hormones in your body — and which can leach from the bottle during normal consumption. If you leave your water bottle in a hot car or reuse it, your exposure is magnified because heat and stress increase the amount of chemicals that leach out of the plastic, into the water, and then into your body when you consume it.


This is concerning, as even tiny concentrations can cause problems such as:

    • Structural damage to your brain
    • Hyperactivity, increased aggressiveness, and impaired learning
    • Increased fat formation and risk of obesity
    • Altered immune function
    • Early puberty, stimulation of mammary gland development, disrupted reproductive cycles, and ovarian dysfunction
    • Changes in gender-specific behavior, and abnormal sexual behavior
    • Stimulation of prostate cancer cells
    • Increased prostate size, and decreased sperm production

So the container your water comes in should receive just as much attention as the water itself, and plastic is simply not a wise choice for a beverage holder from a health perspective …

Years ago when we discovered the problems with drinking out of plastic, I needed to find an alternative for our family ASAP.  It is important to make sure that my children drink enough water each day and I needed a safe, reusable container to ensure that they were drinking enough and that they were not drinking out of plastic.

At first, we started with stainless steel reusable water bottles.  They were great but handwashing them got to be a pain in the you-know-what. And after time, a buildup formed inside and it was hard to wash remnants from smoothies out of them.

Then I saw an idea to use glass jars.  With kids?! Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but here’s the deal: we could put them in the dishwasher, they were easy to come by around our house, cheap to buy more in case of breakage, and I could use different sizes for different ages (quart jars for big kids and pint jars for the little kids).

(If you’re concerned about jars breaking and glass all over the place, that’s okay! It does happen, but as I discovered, it doesn’t happen NEARLY as much as I expected it to! We tote our jars all over the place with us–whenever we go ANYWHERE, and I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve had a jar break with a family of 8! And it’s usually in the garage on the cement floor on the way into or out of the vehicle.  (If you have little ones and tile floors in a majority of your home, however, then I would consider getting rubber sleeves for the jars…) )

After time, lids were left off of jars, resulting in spillage inside my vehicle and it became a pain to have to take the lids off and on.  That is when we made these:

The grommet we used for the hole is almost the exact size as straws, which makes these virtually spill proof! (Although I wouldn’t recommend having your toddler put that to the test!)  No more taking the lid on and off to drink and they were much funner which enticed my little ones to drink more water!  You can use disposable, stainless steel, or glass straws* with these.

(*Be sure that the straw size fits with this grommet size.  Inner grommet hole is 1/4″.)

We’ve had many people ask about these and some people just aren’t DIY’ers, so my teenager has offered to make these himself so we can make them available to customers on HFFG!

To purchase them, you can visit our Store and buy them individually for $3/each (plus $2 shipping) or get a 5 pack for $12 (plus $4 shipping).  Each lid comes with 1 lid with installed grommet and a band.  All you need is a regular-mouth pint or quart jar and some good, clean water!

These make great gifts, and you can get really creative by painting a personalized design on a glass jar to go with it for that special someone!

Click here to add them to your cart.  Thanks for not drinking out of plastic!

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