Ideas For A Healthy Start To The New Year

The New Year is a great time to start over and to start on a new path! For many people, this means a new chance at better health.  HFFG has many resources to make this possible and to help ensure that this chance is more than just a phase but that it is a long-term lifestyle change!

Here are some ways you can start your new year off with a healthier step that will ensure long-term success! Of course, there are many other options and steps that can be taken for a New Year and a new start at good health! These are just a few things you can do! Whatever you choose, the thing that is important is that you are taking steps to better your health, physically, spiritually, and mentally!

Healthy Eating Bible Study

Proverbs 31 Ministries is starting an online bible study for Lysa TerKeurst’s book Made to Crave on January 19th.  If I had to choose a single book for helping get healthy (physically and spiritually), this is it hands-down!!  If I could afford it, I would purchase a copy of this book for every single one of the people on my Facebook page!! It’s SO good!  Getting to the core of the food issues is crucial for achieving lifelong change and benefits!  For more information on this study, go here:

Otherwise, just get the book and read through it!!


30-Day No-Refined Sugar Challenge

Eliminating refined sugars is one of the all-time best things you can do for your health! The list of negative health effects and diseases resulting from consumption of refined sugars is extensive and would require it’s own post! In addition to causing/contributing to heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, PCOS, gout, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, consumption of refined sugar causes depletion of essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins.  It is a leading cause of mental illness and emotional disturbances. It feeds cancer cells and studies prove that it is three times more addictive than cocaine.

But making this change can be very hard, which is why HFFG offers a 30-Day No-Refined Sugar Challenge.  Through this challenge, you will get daily information and encouragement for helping you make one of the most important dietary changes you will ever make! For more information and to sign up, click here: HFFG’s 30-Day No-Refined Sugar Challenge.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: While this Challenge has been unavailable in the past 6 months or so, I am opening up this Challenge for the New Year as I think it is one of the most important changes one can make for their health. Due to the length of time it requires for me to send out daily e-newsletters and add emails to the program, it is too difficult for me to continue throughout the year with my current clientele and responsibilities at home (homeschooling, farming, etc.). All participants’ e-newsletters will begin on January 1st, 2015. Those who sign up late will join the current Challenge participants and will continue together wit them. We are unable to offer discounts on the Challenge fees as this would require us to change the payment process in our online store. So get in before the 1st!

A Good Ol’ Cleanse

Doing a nice body cleanse/detox is a good way to start the new year too! There are many ways you can do this, including a juice fast (with freshly-juiced–not store-bought) vegetables and some fruits, broth fast, or nutrition cleanse.  Here are some great products/resources to help with that!

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

This is a GREAT movie that show the benefits of juicing fresh vegetables and fruits for short and long-term health.  I highly recommend watching this movie and then checking out the website for further resources. You can view the movie here: (or I think on Netflix) and check out Reboot With Joe for more info, tips, recipes, etc.:

**Remember that any dietary fast MUST be accompanied by something to help the body detox the circulating toxins so that they do not get absorbed back into the blood stream! The detox system is like a funnel and if the latter stages of detoxification are not supported, the body will be overloaded with recirculated toxins.  

Clorella Detox

Chlorella is a great detoxifer and it is very important to utilize something such as this in order to activate the body’s detox pathways, especially when doing a fast! If a fast is done without utilizing something to help the liver expel the influx of toxins, a person will feel horrible as those toxins recirculate in the bloodstream.

In HFFG’s new product line of supplements, there is a chlorella detox product that also contains compounds from broccoli in addition to the chlorella that have been proven to help activate that part of the body’s detox pathway.  For more information on this product, go here:


Quit Smoking!

For those who are still having a hard time eliminating cigarettes, this is an extremely important step for good health! Aside from causing cancer, heart disease, and emphysema, smoking causes extreme nutrient deficiencies that are responsible for many day-to-day health problems that would surprise many people.

I’ve compiled a post with tips and info on quitting smoking to help you make this a resolution that will LAST! Read my post Stop Smoking–Tips and Advice.  This article also includes information on the specific nutrient deficiencies that smoking causes and how to supplement them back in after quitting.


Nutrition Counseling

Buy yourself the gift of health by letting me help you get to the bottom of your health problems and eliminate them with nutrition! There is hardly a disease/illness in existence that cannot be reversed through proper nutrition! For more information, check out my Holistic Health Counseling Services.


Some other ideas:

  • Exercise!! Aside from giving you energy, improving your mental health, and helping you lose weight, exercise does so much more for your health, such as:
    • Help strengthen bones (exercising helps keep calcium in your bones!)
    • Helping improve your ability to handle stress
    • Help restore and maintain hormone imbalance by eliminating excess estrogen that hides in fat
    • Improves metabolism
    • And so much more!

  • Get some backyard chickens for the most delicious, healthy eggs!  Read my post about that by clicking here.  Or start a garden! My favorite place to get seeds is from Baker Creek who tests all of their heirloom seeds to ensure there is absolutely no GMO contamination.
  • Pay off debt! Check into Dave Ramsey’s financial materials to help you be a good steward of your finances, and check out my Free Stuff page for a free printable grocery budget worksheet!


Each New Year provides a new chance to honor God, whether it is with our bodies, our hearts, our time, or our finances! I pray new blessings and good health on your New Year!!

Blessings of good health,


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