Are Your Body Care Products Destroying Your Health?

When trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising, sometimes the last areas we may think to change are our cleaning and personal care products. We pay a lot of attention to what we put in our mouths. We read food labels and see how much sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients are in food products.

So why not pay just as much attention to what we put on our skin?

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest and most permeable organ? Anything we put on our skin should be safe enough to eat, or even safer!

Because the skin is our body’s largest organ, what we put on it and come in contact with gets absorbed into our bloodstream and integrated into our body tissues. The skin is not a coat of armor on our body; of course it protects our body, but it is highly permeable.

Our skin is also our body’s thinnest organ. Only 1/10th of an inch separates our delicate organs from all sorts of toxins, many of which have estrogen-mimicking effects that can destroy all of our good health intentions.

The average woman wears 15 products on her body a day containing an average of over 500 different chemicals! Those chemicals have been proven to disrupt hormones, be carcinogenic, cause/contribute to asthma, contain neurotoxic properties, contribute to MRSA, and much more.  Many of these chemicals are banned in other countries but are allowed and used frequently in America.

According to the Environmental Working Group, 89 percent of 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety by the FDA.  In fact, the US federal government doesn’t require any health studies or pre-market testing on personal care products.

Those of you who watched my Balancing Hormones Naturally Webinar learned that the things we put on our bodies, such as lotion shampoos/conditions, perfumes, soaps, etc., can have a drastic and negative effect on our health–including our hormones.

For example, studies found dozens of hidden and unlabeled chemicals on some of the most popular perfumes and colognes. Some of those chemicals have been proven to disrupt the body’s natural hormone process.  And because a large percentage of women in America already have major hormonal problems, these products need to go!

Since our Balancing Hormones Naturally Webinar, I’ve received emails from people asking how to make the transition to non-toxic body care products.

Consequently, HFFG has an hour-long Webinar on the topic of Non-Toxic body care.  In this Webinar, attendees will learn:
  • What chemicals to avoid and why
  • Natural, safe and healthy alternatives for things like toothpaste, shampoos/conditioner, cosmetics, soap, deodorant, and more!

**This Webinar was recorded so registrants can access and view it anytime, anywhere.

Registration is just $5, just enough to cover my costs for the webinar hosting site!

To view the recording, click here to add it to your shopping cart. 

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