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You know those free kittens on the side of the road? How many of them usually end up in the animal shelter? More than those that were $10, right?! In the past, I find that when I offer my time and knowledge for free, it is more likely to be tossed aside or taken lightly. That is valuable time that could have been given to my family or used to serve others. And since there are thousands of people on my Facebook page, the time adds up quick with the amount of inquiries I get.

Additionally, I have clients who are paying to receive my services and would feel it unfair for me to provide the same services to others for free.

Consequently, I am asking brief health questions to be filtered through this form using the Paypal button below. I get a lot of questions every day about many, many more simple health concerns including fungal/bacterial infections, gallbladder issues, detoxing, juice fasting, strep throat, and so much more.

**Please note that this option is not for more in-depth health problems that would require an analysis of the person’s diet and health history. This is more for brief questions about temporary illnesses and such. 

Examples of things that would classify as just a brief consult rather than a personal wellness plan:

–“My 1-year old has a chronic cough. What can I do?”

–“What is your opinion on this supplement or other ones like it that I should take for…?” or “What supplement would you recommend for…?”

–“What can I do for a parasite infection?”

–“How can I naturally treat a vaginal infection?”

–“My little one has a rash…”

–“We recently came down with the ____ in our home. What can we do?”

–Pretty much anything that starts with “What is your opinion….”

Examples of questions that would NOT be good for this:

–“I just found out my thyroid levels are ___. How can I naturally regain good thyroid health.”

–“We have been trying to conceive for ___. What are some other things I can do?” (See my Prenatal/TTC counseling services.)

–“My little one has been on antibiotics and other meds for ____ and their health just gets worse. What can we do?”

–“I have IBS, chronic fatigue, etc.”

–“Are there natural alternatives for treating ______?”

It is my deepest passion to help people in the areas of their health, and I have spent many hours and years researching illnesses, infections, and health problems so that I am well equipped to help people in most health situations. Because of this knowledge, I love to answer people’s questions. And I want to do it for free for everyone! But then I find myself doing it at the cost of my family. Since my first job is to be a Jesus-following, homeschooling mom to my 6 children, cooking them healthy homemade meals from scratch, taking care of our homestead (with chickens, ducks, and dairy goats!), and so on, I decided it would help filter questions and inquiries this way to maintain my family time.

To request help with a particular question, click here to pay for an email question/inquiry. Upon receipt of payment, I will contact you at the email address in the payment inquiry regarding your health inquiry.

Email Question/Inquiry $10

If your question requires much more than a simple email answer and a more thorough evaluation of your health history, please go to the information on my Health Evaluation & Wellness Plan services here. (**Please note: I am not currently accepting new clients.)

 Supplement Counseling

Also, if you would like a consult for just supplement recommendations, please go through this link for that: http://healthyfamiliesforgod.com/store/?slug=product_info&cPath=29&products_id=75

 Full Initial Evaluation

If you would like to have a full health evaluation, you can go here to purchase that and have the paperwork to begin sent to your email in box: http://healthyfamiliesforgod.com/store/?slug=index&cPath=29


For an emergency consult, please click here.



Thank you all so much for understanding. I look forward to continuing to help everyone!


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