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Even though I LOVE cooking and creating my own whole foods recipes, some of you may have noticed I unfortunately do not post many recipes on my website. Fortunately, there is no shortage for other websites that do! So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites for you to scroll through when you want to look for some great recipes! Use them to do some menu planning or just to search for some good last-minute recipes!

(Before I share these awesome websites, I want to mention that there is a trend towards eating TONS of meat. Please check out my post “Precautions & Biblical Considerations for Paleo/Primal/Price Diets )

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition
My personal favorite! Halle has tons of great grain-free recipes for delicious, hearty meals and snacks. Most of the dessert recipes are sugar free as well! Here are her delicious recipes:

Make sure you check out her stuffed acorn squash and chocolate nut clusters!

Enjoying “God’s Natural Organic Whole Foods Grown Locally In Season”
Wardeh has many, many wonderful recipes on her website. Lots of great info on making homemade probiotics/fermented foods as well!

Recipes to Nourish
This newer blog has gained popularity fast because her recipes are amazing! Her hot chocolate recipe is the only one we use now!

The Healthy Home Economist
Sarah from The Healthy Home Economist is a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation and has great recipes, not to mention many informative articles!

Healthy Indulgences
This blog is a great resource for sugar-free, gluten-free all-natural recipes, including TONS of delicious dessert recipes! Your kids will love her chocolate whoopie pie recipe!

The Nourishing Cook
This website features many great recipes, including many from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, and so much more!

Cooking God’s Way
Too many things to mention on this website! Although I would recommend checking out the healthy peanut butter balls recipe (if you like peanut butter and chocolate as much as we do!).

The Nourishing Gourmet
Another website that I adore! In addition to the abundance of meal and snack recipes, this website has great lacto-fermented recipes, and even a recipe for soaked potato fries!

Kitchen Stewardship
Balancing God’s Gifts. One Baby Step At a Time.
Most recipes here utilize whole foods, real meats and milk, lots of legumes, etc. There are recipes for every meal of the day and snacks.

Maid In Alaska
Gluten, dairy, corn, soy, potato, tomato, peanut, and (mostly) refined sugar free recipes. Some of my favorites!

The Well Fed Homestead
This website has recipes that are GAPS legal but great for any journey to health!

Real Food Whole Health
Many gluten/grain-free recipes on this website, and my favorite Thanksgiving recipe that we enjoy year-round now–Cranberry Orange Relish!

Annie’s Eats
Okay, so this one doesn’t really fit in with the other websites per se, but the sheer amount of recipes on this website is staggering. Of course you’ll want to switch healthy flours for the refined ones and use a sugar substitute, but this is the recipe site to go to when you want some new ideas! Check out the spinoccoli pizza!

Whole Foods Market
Another website that has a HUGE volume of websites but ones you have to pick through as some contain soy, sugar, etc. It’s funny what they consider “healthy.” But for the most part, this is a great resource! Many of our favorite recipes have come from this site, including quick lentil chili and mango & black bean salad.

For help with menu planning, I have found this website helpful with their printable menu sheets:

Don’t forget to check out my free stuff page with a free printable weekly menu planner!

The most successful way to ensure your family is eating healthy, whole foods is PLANNING! I hope you are able to use these resources to plan many healthy meals for your family to enjoy together!

Blessings of good health in Jesus’ name,

Sara Jo Poff

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  1. What a great list you’ve put together here! Most of the site’s I’ve used and referred to myself but there’s some others here that’ll I’ll definately need to go visit. Thank you 🙂

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