More Ingredients Reveal More Dangers With Visalus Products

After my post on the dangers of soy found in all kinds of things including Visalus products, I did some follow-up investigation. What I discovered was even worse.
ViSalus Vi-Shape
I think it’s very important that every person understands the potential dangers of these shakes before using them. While I do not deny that many people have had wonderful results in their weight and overall health in a short period of time, we must understand that it is simply a trade-off with a little Russian roulette. These people may be exchanging their current health problems with different ones in the future.

To begin, let’s discuss the ingredients other than the soy and break them down. Here’s a list of them directly from

Other Ingredients: Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium Phosphate, Sucralose
(This information was originally taken from the following link on Visalus’ website. Apparently, they found out and didn’t like this information being publicized. Since they apparently are not wanting to share the full list of ingredients, they are no longer available on their webiste.

1. Sunflower Oil
Contrary to popular belief, vegetable oils are not a health food. A healthy oil will contain a proper balance of omega fatty acids. Vegetable oils, however, contain an improper ratio of omega 6’s to omega 3’s, creating an omega 3 deficiency. While a proper intake of omega 3’s has been proven to protect against many types of cancers, especially including skin cancer, a high intake of omega 6’s has actually been proven in studies to promote cancers, especially skin cancer.

An early warning sign that this could be in a person’s future is one’s tendency to sunburn. A diet high in omega 3’s will protect the skin from sun damage like sunburn and wrinkles; omega 6’s do the opposite.

Overall, vegetable oils cause inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to a wide range of health problems. Inflammation increases the risk for problems like asthma, diabetes, allergies, and other auto-immune disorders (when the body attacks itself), macular degeneration, heart disease, and cancers.

Vegetable oil consumption has also been linked to problems with infertility and birth risks, learning disabilities, and liver toxicity.

For more information on the problems with vegetable oils such as sunflower, corn, soybean, safflower, etc., here are some links:

The Surprising Toxic Effects of Vegetable Oils
From Dr. Joseph Mercola

Wellness Mama–Why You Should Never Eat Vegetable Oil Or Margarine

Total Health Breakthroughs discusses the medical studies conducted discovering the information shared above.

2. Artificial Flavor
Rather than going into the info on this ingredient, I am going to just share a couple of links. I think with the new advances in biotechnology, the side effects of these ingredients are undeterminable. They may be dangerous and they may be safe, but I do think we should consider the spiritual side of using products that could contain this ingredient that is now being created with the use of aborted fetal cells. While there is not conclusive evidence that Visalus is using artificial flavors from this biotechnology, there is no evidence that they aren’t either.

Cell Lines From Aborted Babies Used To Create Artificial Flavors
Definitely something ever person, especially Christians, must consider.

Secretive Chemicals Being Hidden In Food Under The Label “Artificial Ingredients”

3. Sucralose
Where to begin on this one. First of all, it’s actual name is:


GreenMedInfo, one of the largest natural health database websites, describes it as follows:

Despite the intended insinuation, sucralose is not a form of sucrose (cane sugar). Sucralose/Splenda is produced through artificially substituting three hydroxyl groups (hydrogen + oxygen) with three chlorine atoms in the sugar (sucrose) molecule. Natural sugar is a hydrocarbon built around 12 carbon atoms. When transformed into Splenda it becomes a chlorocarbon, in the same family as deadly pesticides like DDT, insecticides, biocides, disinfectants like Chlorox Bleach, and WWI poison gas like dichlorourea.

Chemical sweeteners are one of the most dangerous ingredients found in “food” today. Absolutely no-long term studies on the safety of this particular chemical sweetener were done before it was approved to the market.

In the 1950’s, the chemical sweetener cyclamate was introduced to the U.S. market. It was marketed as a safe and healthy alternative to conventional sweeteners for everyone, especially diabetics.

Eight years later, a study revealed this ingredient could be chronically toxic, contributing to bladder cancer and other problems. Three years later, after it had been sold for eleven years, it was removed from the market.

I fear the same will be true with sucralose. The corruption in our government’s FDA, however, may prevent the negative effects of this product from getting it removed.

A study from Duke University said, “The artificial sweetener Splenda and its key component sucralose pose a threat to the people who consume the product.”

Their study found that it reduces good bacteria in the gut (which is one of the most essential factors for good overall body and mind health), causes weight gain in the long-term, and even reduces the effectiveness of life-saving medications.

The most common complaints and side effects from sucralose consumption include gastrointestinal problems like IBS/IBD, allergic reactions including skin rashes, acid reflux, bladder problems, chest pains, and general feelings of malaise.

GreenMedInfo describes the lengthy list of sucralose’s documented adverse health effects:

· Shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage)

· Enlarged liver and kidneys.

· Abnormal histopathological changes in spleen and thymus

· Increased cecal weight

· Reduced growth rate

· DNA Damage

· Adverse changes to gastrointestinal bacteria

· Abnormal Pelvic Mineralization

· Decreased red blood cell count

· Hyperplasia of the pelvis

· Aborted pregnancy (Maternal & Fetal Toxicity)

· Decreased fetal body weights and placental weights

· Bowel inflammation

· Triggering migraine

· Increase glycosylation of hemoglobin (HbA1c) for diabetics

(Read the article in its entirety here:

To read testimonies of people suffering from sucralose-induced health problems, check out Dr. Mercola’s page here:

Artificial Sweeteners Are Continually Found To Be Unsafe and Toxic

I have not gone into all of the ingredients listed above, such as the maltodextrin that is almost always made from GMO corn, lecithin that is often made from GMO soy, and more. I thought we’d cover the most obvious

While the immediate health benefits from these products are undeniable in many cases, at what cost do they come?  How many people are not reporting these side effects and illnesses in order to maintain their sales?

As always, we see that the only safe bet is to eat foods created by The Creator in the state He created them in. God has intricately designed foods for us to eat with amazing health benefits that do not carry dangerous side effects. Being sick or having diet shakes are not the only two choices people have. God has given us the best option that has stood the test of time, if we would only choose it. Health never has and never will come in a can or box. We just can’t duplicate God’s work. And it is even more important to address the underlying spiritual issues that caused the person to become overweight and/or unhealthy in the first place.

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  2. davidscott says:

    This is a very hard question. I have been a man of God for 43 years and in my opinion a organic diet high in fruits and vegetables,beans nuts and seeds organic lean meats is the best .Soy is a poison. It disrupts your whole hormonal system. Unfortunatly it is promored as a wonder health food and this is simply not for artificail sweeteners forget it. Olive oil is better than vegetable oil I was a fan of iris Kyle as i am a bodybuilder but i beleive i can judge someone and she is not good.She got a BMW in five days. I am poor but very happy and healthy and i wouldnt trade my life for anything. Listen folks your on the internet start doing some research and find the truth. May god bless you to be enlightened

  3. Caroline says:

    Unfortunately many people just say that Soy is bad for you…it really depends. Depends on if it is GMO, whether or not the negative things are removed etc.

  4. Adrianne says:

    I read a lot of the comments and yours is prob the best.. For being a “God” driven purpose.. This site is filled with negativity.. Do your reasearch, deside if ViSalus is right for you.. If not don’t use it, it’s really just that simple.. Saying your doing the work of God by bad mouthing a company is far from being non judgmental… It’s all about judgment.. And anyone at all that has any faith knows its not our job to judge.. Why not use all that energy and go help someone who really needs it, rather then creating a drama site… I’m not commenting to put anyone down or to even promote the compainy..Simply if intentions are to help human kind, maybe donate your time to a food bank or homeless shelter, or start a community garden.. Rather then blog about one spicific company.. When there are far far worse things going on in this world.. Just saying..

  5. Jaime Ojeda says:

    All I know is that people pushing this crap should be ashamed of themselves.

    I joined Visalus for the same selfish reason everyone is joining… to get a brand new BMW paid for by the company!

    After two weeks on that crap product, all three of us who joined at the same time had noticed headaches, lack of energy, and severe stomach discomfort… mainly, severe uncontrollable flatulence. I mean WTH!

    It sounds funny, I know… but trust me, it wasn’t. Right now, we are no longer part of Visalus and I’m embarrassed that I even got six of my family members involved because they all experienced the same side effects.

    I now realize that all who still promote this piece of sh*t product are doing so for the same selfish reason I did, to try and get a car and a fat bank account.

    I could have easily looked the other way and continued to build a business and just pretend that it was all fine, but I could never promote a product that can hurt others even if it pays me well… I’m not the FDA and I actually have a conscience.

    I hate Visalus with a passion based on my own personal experience and the experience of 8 other close friends and family members. All of us who took the product are honest enough to admit that it only produced negative effects on us and we simply don’t believe anyone who comes giving us a different story.

    Anyway, that was simply my experience and I hope it was helpful to those who are still on the fence about Visalus.

    My advice to you is GET OFF THE FENCE and RUN AWAY the other direction.



    • Alpha3 says:

      It’s sad that you are ragging on a company when you only used the product for a very short time. I am a health educator and it should be noted that any time there is a change in eating habits, your body experiences changes. This product detoxes your system, which is what you and your friends were experiencing. What you have stated as negative effects were actually beneficial effects. Had you continued, you would have seen this wean.

      Fortunately, this company is continues to progress and see hundreds of lives changed. When you see people who were unable to walk 10 months ago, with uncontrollable cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and 3 aneurysms now walking, cholesterol regulated, no diabetes and as of October, no aneurysms remain in her brain. So, for whatever reasons folk join the company, when you see these kinds of results, the company is not phased by your negative comments. It is your loss.

  6. Jason, RN says:

    Not hard to find the ingredients list for the products at all.
    — products
    —- shape kit
    ——- ingredients

    Definitely not hard!

    I use ViSalus.

    I have lost 40 pounds.
    I have normalized my blood pressure.
    I have normalized my cholesterol.
    I have normalized my triglycerides.
    I have more energy.


    Every person is different.

    People seem to forget this very important fact.

    We all react differently to food, stress, environment, exercise, etc. What may cause me a headache may cause you nothing. What may make you sick to your stomach may do nothing to me. My wife used to get migraines. Since using ViSalus, the migraines have lessened in severity and frequency. Does that mean it’s going to ‘fix’ everyone else’s migraines like it did hers? No.

    Everyone has an agenda. Period. You had an agenda to ‘bash’ ViSalus. You sought out people that had performed ‘research’ that would support your claim.

    I could go out and find scientific evidence that could support my claims as well.

    However, I don’t see the point because those who are here, against ViSalus, seem to be very anti-science–unless it is research that agrees with their agenda.

    So instead of science, I have faith.

    I have faith in this product. I have faith in the scientists/nutritionists that helped develop it. I have faith in what it can do for an unhealthy population.

    I have faith that God introduced me to ViSalus at this moment in my life because without it…I’d be more than one foot in the grave.

    I am living proof that it works.

  7. […] Are you suffering from ViSalus headaches? It seems that hundreds or even thousands are suffering headaches from the popular ViSalus shakes (Vi-Shape). What are the causes of these ViSalus headaches? It appears that the artificial sweeter Sucralose, used in the ViSalus shakes may be the cause. reference: More Ingredients Reveal More Dangers With Visalus Products. […]

  8. Carolyn says:

    The difference between what is ideal and what is realistic is the problem. I am well educated in nutrition. But the odds of getting a regular person to go from the SAD to eating clean are so’s unrealistic but getting them to go from SAD to a tasty meal replacement..that seems to work for a lot of people…I do not know why…but I do know that all of the ingredients listed above are in far greater amounts in the store bought foods than in the vi shake shape mix…it’s a tool that can get people moving towards a goal…athletes have been using protein shakes in far greater amounts for..well forever…as a tool to improving performance…why make the general population feel like they’re doings something wrong or cheating if they’re trying to improve their health, their well being, using the same kind of tools…our busy lifestyles are prohibitive for many to sprout grains and chop veggies many times a day…so the choice for many is the drive through to save time..or blend as shake..I go for the shake…if I had someone to make the food for me…as I don’t have time..damned straight I’d be eating healthy whole organic feasts three times a day…I don’t..this is my solution to a modern problem…it works for me..and once a day I make a delicious meal out of whole veggies and beans and all the good natural stuff…and I make no apologies for it. Cheers

  9. Juan Cepeda says:

    “Just the fact Maam”

    New Stanford University Study 9/4/2012
    Organic food hardly healthier, study suggests

    Scientific American Article(many sources of study)

    Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?
    Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today

  10. Michele says:

    Wow Sara, I would like to say that I am surprised by the response but I am not. A friend of mine posted a link to this on her fb page and I read it because I have very close family members who are taking the Vi product. I personally have had severe health issues, so I have started juicing and eating a mostly plant based diet. I am not 100 % raw or vegan, but I do not consume any dairy products and only have meat on few occasions. My bp went from 210/180 to 120/80 in 60 days and I have lost 42lbs without any special products. Simply fruits and vegetables. Maybe the soil is depleted and we do not get what we used to from produce, but if we are honest with ourselves, many of us are not consuming many fruits and vegetables. At least that aren’t over cooked, cooked in refined oils, covered in sauces, etc. I believe that your intent was to bring a serious issue with ingredients in a product that claims to be “healthy” to light. We need to get the word out and research on our own, and take personal responsibility for what we are eating and what we are feeding our families. I appreciate progress and that we have many conveniences available to us, but in the long run and even in the short term, there may be serious detrimental issues that come from all of those processed products. Some may argue that this is a lesser evil that being over weight and that may be true. But I don’t want a lesser evil, I want what is good and beneficial. There is no doubt that the example of the 73 year old man that lost weight and felt better is a great story, I also had that same feeling when I did the Atkins’ diet, but I now know that the amount of meat and fat that I consumed was not healthy and may have contributed to me developing thyroid cancer. ANYWAY, I said all that to say, I appreciate your heart and passion to help others, Sara. I have taken personal responsibility for my health and I hope to help many others on my journey! 🙂

    • sjpoff says:

      Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself Michele. Thank you for your comment, your testimony, and your support 🙂
      God’s blessings to you!

    • Tammy says:

      ….you are doing EXACTLY what I’m doing Michelle!! YAY!!! Soo completely the way to go and eat in my opinion….and since I bought a juicer that my family and I are having fun with….we eat 10X at least more of fruits and veggies, getting all the nutrients….and my 15 yr. old loves it…..and makes the best concoctions!!! The juicing drinks started making me feel so much better I splurged and bought us a Vitamix for Christmas!!!….and what a GREAT addition!!! We do different smoothies in there loaded with spinach…my one daughter will only do the smoothies now, while me and my other two prefer the juicing drinks we make….and the “Savor Recipe” cookbook the Vitamix came with is fabulous!!!….I make a fresh veggie soup 3X a week…..all different ones…..I substitue almond milk for the cream, and use organic veggie broth…have made asparagus soup, butternut squash, Thai pumpkin curry, fresh tomato, Broccoli cheddar….and cabbage soup….all so good, and healthier than even the organic Pacific brand store bought ones……loving this life style and new way of eating!!! :)) …..I won’t eat anything with sucralose in it….surprised Visalus doesn’t use Stevia…but, I’m sure sucralose is much less expensive!!!…..

  11. Ok Yes People are losing weight on Visalus, But At what cost? yes Visalus IS better than Mac Donalds or any other fast food. comparing Visalus to fast food is like comparing the better of 2 evils. How about we do a comparison on visalus and the protein I carry? or any other Protein powder instead of the worst of anything you can put in your mouth. Let see how Vi does against the Top Protein powders. I will gladly donate a container of our product and I am sure Truestar will gladly donate to as well.

    • Matt says:

      I think that the last paragraph tells the TRUTH. I took thousands and thousands of year to make, for example, an apple in the way it is now. We can make a product that will beat 1000000 years of evolution… and we are here today in 2012 and the human being survived well without these crap.

  12. Brian Shobe says:

    I took the Vi shakes and weightloss regimin for several weeks. Almost immediately I began feeling “sick” and thought maybe it was just my body not being adjusted to the products and “healthy” ingredients. I fought thru them and several days in, they went away. About 14 days in I started feeling very week and started having very stomach aches and cramping. Again, I attributed it to my body adjusting.
    3 weeks in I had lost 5 pounds, but felt terrible. No energy, headaches had returned. and I noticed anything (all whole healthy foods) I eat immediately made me nauseus and sick to my stomach.
    My wife took the products to her doctor and she was appalled that ANYONE would be putting them into their body, and was more appalled that a company would be promoting them as a health and wellness routine.
    I quit them immediately. I began eating nothing but whole foods and supplementing daily with medically vetted nutritional supplements and in the last 6 months I have lost 40 pounds and feel great with ZERO health issues or side effects.
    That is MY testimony with the product and the more people I meet and network with who have used Visalus, the more I hear the same old, common symptoms and experiences.

  13. Jaime says:

    I really think that the person who said that they go for people who are over weight and have low self esteem because I am one of them that they have targeted I recently have been to a couple visalus shows and u sit in a room with mostly promoters and people who have or are selling the product . You watch a dvd and then they get u to pick the package thats right for you . Well I can say one thing is that they gave me a bag to bring home and try and I have been on it one day and I do agree I feel like a complete bag of crap !! I am dizzy I developed a rash on my face (Hives) and I have had Diarrhea for the last day . I really feel horrible and I dont want to be rude but I knew it was a scam from the beginning but i wanted to see for myself on how these people actually are ! I am just going to say one thing SCAMMERS !!! I will try to get over this feeling and try to get my body back to “normal” but as for weight loss Im going to leave that to my doctor ~~!!

    • Lisa says:

      Wow Jaime…do you understand anything about DETOX? Your system is trying to get the poor nutrition out of your body.

      Someone actually gave you a bag to try? Do you know how much that cost someone? Please return it so that they can put it to good use.

      Funny thing is that my doctors recommends it for all his patients…not only for weight loss.

      Too bad one company has to try to make their mark by trying to tear down another.

      • Darrell says:

        Lisa, that is true, competition is the way of the world. It is sad that slander and trying to take down competitors is the way business works.
        With that being said you say your doctors recommend it for all of his patients. I say to you that each and every doctor has the knowledge of what is healthy and what is not. They have went to school for years to learn this and to treat people with sickness. Why then do they give persciptions daily of drugs that kill, medical documentation of this is everywhere.Why would they tell people to take Visalus when the facts are staring everyone in the face about the ingredients in this product.
        You also need to look deeper into what is good for you to put into your body and your families body.
        Food for thought, here take visalus and when you get sick from the ingredients we know will make you sick in Vi, come back to me and I can finish you off with some good Pharmaceuticals.
        I know alot more people who got sick on Vi than people who have lost weight and feel great.
        Let’s get back to the good honest way of making a living and helping your fellow man and not harming them.

      • Alpha3 says:

        Lisa, thank you. That is so true. Ignorance is not always bliss. Anyone who has any knowledge about detox will tell you that you are going to feel lousy when you begin any detox program. The key is to get the bad out, then allow the product to do what it was formulated to do. These doctors/scientists use only the best ingredients available.

        It’s sad that people waste so much time tearing down something that is changing lives in so many ways. If it’s not for you, don’t use it; but don’t bash it. It’s just like foods; if you don’t like something don’t say the food is not good. I hate cooked oatmeal, but I know that it is good for me. I’m not going to tell people to stop eating oatmeal because it doesn’t agree with me.

        Anyway, Visalus continues to rise to the top, and is now the #1 nutrition and weight loss company in North America. So, it has to be doing something right!

        Doctors at a very well-known hospital have endorsed the product.

  14. Sophie says:

    Have you heard of PAstor Steve Willis? He wrote Food Fight and uses Visalus in his ministry to help a whole county in Virginia GEt Healthy, HAve you heard of Pastor Bill Nissen, Promoter. Do you believe God tells them something different? I believe you have a hidden agenda and I do pray that God Reveals it before you hurt anyone. You can Find Both pastors on facebook and Youtube.
    And I know that The founders of Vi have touched alot more lives in a positive manner with Gods Love and Guidance than you.

    • Maggie says:

      A hidden agenda? By sharing the dangers of unnatural ingredients? I’m no expert but do you know what the long term affects are of Visalus? And are these Pastors nutrition experts? I believe that God gave us fruits and vegetables for a reason.

  15. penelope says:

    I used to take visalus and had canker sores from it and felt very tired. I didn’t understand why others felt energized. I am not over weight and in good health so went back to juicing instead. I liked how easy it was to make a quick shake but juicing makes me feel healthier and look vibrant with beautiful skin. Sometimes we have to take more time to get full nutrient potential for our body and tis much safer.

  16. Elaine Hocker says:

    It’s been years and still experiencing great results. Everyone is going to die of something, but if ViSalus products make people feel better, more energy, lose weight, lower diabetes, and help with many other types of illnesses, then why shouldn’t they use them? If it’s not for you, I can respect that, but why try to ruin it for everyone else? We’re doing just fine on Vi, thanks!

    • Margie Cruz says:

      There is nothing special or magic about these products or challenge I even go as far to say this products could be bad for you even short term of only 90 days, and could have a long-term negative effect on your health. I am aware that they encourage you to add this shakes to skin milk,almond milk or soy milk for more calorie an taste. Why don’t you add water to make it work? The soy in this shake is genetically modified or engineering. This diet is not good for you, What is going t happen when you finished the 90 challenge. Ask yourself this question.

      • Roger Hemmerling says:

        Margie…you have been CLEARLY mislead. The soy in our shakes is NON genetically motified! Because people use these shakes as a meal replacement, then anyone with half a shred of common sense is going to want to add something other than water to increase the calorie, volume and nitrition to their recipe. If it’s soo bad to add skim, almond or any kind of milk to the shakes then I suppose it’s just as bad to add those milks to you cereal then as well! So I will just assume that you add water to your cereal huh? I agree…there IS no magical ingredient to the shakes that cause the pounds to just melt away. Instead it’s a proper blend of nutrition. Nutrition that we are not able to get from the food we eat everyday. I saw in the body of the blog a bunch of propaganda about how we should eat the way God intended for us. Ok if that’s true, then I suppose you don’t own a car, bicycle or any mode of transportation then either right. So if you go anywhere you walk or run there barefoot as well then right? Cause as great and mighty as God is…he DID NOT create cars, bikes, rollerskates, sneakers, socks or any of those other items we all use on a daily basis. Oh…and how are you even posting this on a computer? I don’t think God created that either! I suggest that before you start preaching about how we should live our lives the way God intended and not try to “duplicate God’s work” you should look into a mirror. Oh wait…you shouldn’t even be able to do that…cause God didn’t create mirrors either. All these things were invented by mankind to help make life easier and more enjoyable. As far as long term effects…I have a customer that lost 63lbs between November & April. After he hit his goal, he reduced his order to only 1 shake per day (instead of 2) and has been able to maintain that loss. Yes, he has had weeks where he gaind back a pound or two, but because he now has the energy to exercise more (something he was not able to do before); he has been able to workout a little harder to lose again what he gains back. He is 73yrs old and is no longer on high-blood pressure or cholesterol meds either. This has most likely added years to his life. Take a look at the BIG picture before you bash Margie!

      • Brian Shobe says:

        Agreed…ANYONE who wouls recommend skim milk for ANYTHING is seriously uneducated about nutrition and our food system. how sad.

  17. Shannon says:

    For those of you interested – Visalus DOES list the ingredients on their website. I had no problems finding it. Here is a link:

    I am NOT promoting their product, however was thinking of beginning the regimen to help increase my energy level as a few of my friends have done quite well on it and feel great. I came across this blog and enjoyed reading various opinions. I noticed that there was a claim that Visalus hides their ingredient list, so thought I would share my findings.

  18. TJAY says:

    I agree with sjpoff – while Visalius products may kick start people into a more healthy lifestyle it is still a quick fix trend based entity. Nothing can replace whole food nutrition and balanced lifestyle. Fads/rends tend to come and go with the wind. Again i’m not discounted the positive results and how it has helped sme people…but to me is their are much more natural sustainable ways to improve health and vitality. Lots of good fats (omega 3. krill oil,coconut oil for energy and nutrient absobion) dark leafy greens, colorful veggies high in fiber and phyonutrients,grass fed meats, cage free eggs, organic butters etc…all it takes is a little reseach from unbiased sources to find out what true health is to each of us on a individual basis. Dr. mercola is a wonderful website with a plethora of good unbiased information.



    In health


  19. […] run through the basics quickly – I won’t break down each one, others have already done that for me. (That link is just one of many, I’ll be happy to send out lists if anyone is […]

  20. Janet bowser says:

    After a week off off the Visalus shakes, I am free from the terrible headaches that had plagued me for the time that I was using Visalus.

    Use care with this product. My blood tests came back normal, except for extremely high glucose level, which had been normal four months ago.

    If most of my caloric intake was coming from this Splenda based shake, why would my glucose be though the roof?

    • Sophie says:

      They are not Splenda based, I have lost 92 pounds and am off all meds and they are NON GMO Soy Protein, If you do not understand the difference look it up NON GMO is different than Regular Soy and Mr. Healthy is just trying to get in a fight with Visalus so he can get media attention,(Worked for Chic Fil A and Same sex MArriage Advocates) He should actually do better research though otherwise they will just continue to laugh at his halftruths. By the way what does he sell?

      • John says:

        His research is backed by many others Mercola, Natural News etc.. There is much evidence out there to prove that UNFERMENTED soy is bad for you – organic or not. Google it. Look it up for yourself. And yes, there is Sucralose in Visalus. Look at the ingredients.

    • Brian Shobe says:

      From my Doctor….
      Sucralose is a fake sugar that has terrible side effects. Your body does not recognize it, but senses the “sugar” and the need to put insulin into the blood stream to break it down. Over time, this repetitive trigger to pump out insulin nly for it to not be needed trains the body to quit making insulin.
      High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, corn syrup, and several other fake sugars do the same thing,a nd are causing many terrible side effects over prolonged exposure.
      basically..if it says Lowfat, sugar free, or “diet”, ti is terrible for you. Pure cane sugar in moderation is the only sweetener we need to EVER put in our body.

  21. Nelson says:

    I have to ask if you were once a promoter of Visalus or know of someone who was/is? There seems to be a particular reason behind your choice of singling out this company. I compare it to one day waking up and deciding that i will write a blog bashing Mercedes cars. I’ve never owned one or driven one, but because I heard of them I can declare myself an ex
    Pert about their product. Simply put, what is your reason for picking this product? There seems to be a part of this picture that is being left out. You don’t appear to be
    giving everyone the whole story.

  22. SHEEP says:

    people if you could only read and listen to what the websight said,church folks selling product to other church folks,and they are getting sick,but church folks not stopping the sale of product because of money.i have a paper from the web sight,my neighbor gave me a sample shake.i cannot read all of the other ingredients,so i came online to look for side effects,and found this websight.thank-you JESUS.WHATS GOOD FOR YOU MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELES.TO EACH HIS OWN.KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.thanks HFFG.

  23. Janet bowser says:

    I am a Visalus promoter. Yesterday I was at the doctor seeking desperately for help with my headaches, both migraines and other types. Daily headaches. They referred me to a headache clinic for treatment, but they can’t see me until October.

    I started thinking of when these headaches started. About the same time as I started with the body by vi shakes. After reading about the sucrolose, soy,etc., I am doing an elimination diet to see if they are a factor.

    One thing is clear already. I had daily headaches. At six am, I would make my first shake with a banana and ice water. I would go back to sleep and always wake up with a headache. Then I would get up and have another shake.

    SOMETHING in these shakes is wrong for me. Now let’s see of the company will refund my last order. I’m glad I am a lousy sales person, I have not sold anyone on them so far. I don’t plan to ever try again!

  24. connye crossman says:

    Besides the horrible headache, has anyone suffered from hallucinations or become delusional temporarily?

    • Lisa says:

      Oh goodness!! Connye please detox your body… Drink lots of water, get a liver cleaner from your health store. Eat plenty of fruits, an veggies rather than processed or meats.
      Until you feel like yourself again…

      Pray you, or who ever has these symtoms feel better soon.

  25. Robert says:

    You imply a lot of things in your article that make me suspect of your true motivations. A lot fear tactics about cancer and disease and accusations about people lining their pockets with gold. Really??? Do you make a living? Do you charge for your services? If you don’t you are a fool, if you do you are a hypocrite. It seems convenient you choose one company to target with your vitriol.
    Can everyone use their products? Probably not. Can everyone successfully run a business?(forget what company). No. Not everyone is suited to work for themselves or run an enterprise. They should remain working for others. But this is true of everything.

    You state ” While there is not conclusive evidence that Visalus is using artificial flavors from this biotechnology, there is no evidence that they aren’t either.” Are you kidding?? This is your arguement. You guys sound like a bunch of paranoid skitsos. You enjoy eating your organic grasses and drinking you distilled ionized water from a wooden cup with your self righteous nose in the air,if you want to but leave everyone else alone.

    You’ll still die like everyone else.I wish they would sue for defamation and liable. Doubtful they will, they are not that kind of company.

    • Lisa says:

      You are the fool trust, and beieve that! You only came to this site to try, and attack the writter to do damage control.

      You speak of suing?

      Well, Im sure that bug will be buzzing soon enough with all the people who are getting SICK off this stuff because of their falsehoods. Everything they claim to stand for is bogus when they do just as must to try, and shut up the people who had bad experiences with it, as they do promoting it!

      Why delete people from their pages, groups, and so on who are saying they are getting sick if they’re so honest??
      Why wouldn’t they keep those comments up for the safety of others who may be experiencing some of the same NEGATIVE symptoms???

      Why do they have SO many false titled videos on youtube, and sites on google misleading people to think it’s REAL reviews by real people … Only to find out it’s more of their promotions at the end of the page if they are SO Honest?

      Ohhhh yeah I forgot its because “They are not that kind of company” laughable is the fact that you sir REALLY think you have said anything that holds weight to support that Vi is only good.

      You MUST be getting some gold from it, and THAT is why you are trying to protect’s it’s image.
      Yes, we all die that is the only truthful thing you stated, but at least some of us will die from natural causes, and NOT The Visulas 90 day death challenge POISON.

      Well, people you will continue to see the Vi drones who care more about making a buck than the lives of humans continue to do damage control for their VISULAS IS POISON products.
      But that is to be expected we live in a day when men are lovers of them self, and not their neighbors.
      This Robert who works for Visalus will most certainly make another comment for more damage control but sorry Robert it’s too late this site is going around like wildfire now, and that is something you can’t stop or delete it.
      No matter what you say about the writer you can’t change the TRUTH that Visalus almost killed me!

      Which is very strange because according to the ingredients that is on the bag there is “nothing in it” that I havent had before with no reactions? Hmm?
      So whats REALLY IN VISALUS?

      You’re just a VI puppet!

      • David B Walker says:

        Lisa….. All i can say is WOW…. did i say WOW.. The long and the short of it is this…. have you herd the term… ” START TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX….. I am sure you have as has everyone that has written negative comments on this website about a company and product that really has saved many man lives, and yes mine included.. U speak of possible actions that may happen from a company perspective.,…. wont happen, the compamy has far to much integrity to even allow theirselves to that level.. I have said this before and will say it again, you want to say things about a company…. Be it good or bad ” Know what your talking about, Get your facts straight, Be able to back up your words. I at one point in my life was 475 pounds, and have tried everything under the sun…… when Visalus was shown to me i was 54 yrs old almost 300 pounds….. Within 5 months i dropped 75 pounds, most of all kept it off, What i am saying is this Visalus has saved my life…. Thanks for your time,,,,,

  26. Lisa says:

    First I want to say that I have been using Vi for a month now, and anyone who says VI is good are VI drones!
    All that you wrote above is ABSOLUTELY correct!
    I am now dealing with some of the WORSTE allergic reactions!
    Like itchy rash, dizziness, and vomiting!
    I dont care what any or you VI pushers say VI is KILLING people slowly.
    I read one woman’s comment who said she stopped taking it for a few days and swelled up like a watered pig. Then turned around and said “I will NEVER go without my VI shakes again!” ???? 🙁 Poor thing can’t even see her body is screaming STOP!
    When I first started the VI I kept looking for any REAL people info, and all I kept seeing was VI sellers who would make false titled video’s only to keep people from finding articles like this one with the TRUTH!
    People have no clue of what they are putting into their bodies, and I wouldnt doubt that the person who came up with Vi is over paid by Monsanto!
    People who have lost weight will never want to see the light of this truth you have written because it was a quick fix for them.
    So my dear you have done well, and I WILL be posting this as often, and everywhere I can to raise TRUTH, and awareness of the TRUE TRUTH about Visalus, and their 90 day kill yourself challenge!
    YAH be with you!

    Now I must go, and continue to detox my body from that POISON.

    HA! “They want to see “the credentials of the writter”? Hahaha that is such a VI puppet comment…. Yet they believe any, and everything their “scientists” say.
    Sheep to the slaughter just going with the flow trying to lose weight fast by using the products by the same people who made them fat, and unhealthy in the first place. They will kill off as many as they can with VI.

    Thanks again!

    • mike says:

      I find this site absolutely rediculas …. it’s obvious the site was created to discredit visalus and nothing more .. food no matter what kind it is will cause problems for a percentage of the population. what everybody has said here can be said about every type of food ingredient ever made… for some it’ll be fine for others it won’t be …. peanuts make some people die does that mean everybody should stop eating peanuts …..I did a little checking into the background of this website and let’s just say it’s connected to a company that about non soy based products ..

      • sjpoff says:

        You make valid points Mike except for the first and last part which totally ruined it. This is my website, a person named Sara Poff. No companies, nothing. No one posts anything to this website except me. I sell no supplements. Period. This is my ministry and this website was created to help people get healthy. Healthy Families for God started way before Visalus was even an honorable mention in anybody’s social circles. I am absolutely appalled at your statement.

  27. Jeffery Davis says:

    Here are the facts on the product from the LEADING Scientist who developed them…..Credentials of the author would be nice too..

    • John says:

      An unbiased opinion from the scientist paid by Visalus. Won’t happen. ONLY third party independent tests can be worth listening. i.e. NO financial incentive.

      Really Really smart people would do the research on unfermented soy. It’s an easy search. It has been bad for you much longer than Visalus has been using it. Google it, I’m sure your smart enough to do that. 🙂

      Now as a previous comment stated – Visalus “isn’t that kind of company.” If they were the type of company they SAY they are, they will change the ingredients to what IS healthy. Why the effects of soy weren’t taken into consideration before I have no idea. Never mind Sucralose. (I have heard from a distributor that they are looking at changing it.

      I am NOT a distributor – I have never tasted a shake and won’t now that I know it has Soy and Sucralose in it.. The Sucralose was enough for me to say “No thanks” Add soy and it’s a chemical cocktail for hyperthyroidism or worse.. Why not use all whey protein? Maybe xylitol instead of sucralose? Easy fixes for a company that really cares. are they doing this?

    • Jeff says:

      Visalus is not the perfect food. But I feel it is the same or better than majority of foods available for purchase today.

      YOU might be in position to grow all of your own organic produce, or only shop at the local Farmers Markets, or only stopping at the produce section of the local grocery, and YOU might be preparing three beautiful home cooked meals per day, but unfortunately this is not reality for majority of people. If you ever go out to eat, you have no idea what you are ingesting.

      I agree you should not take Visalus for the rest of your life. It is a tool to help people get to were they want, or need, to be. That’s all it is. And if a Vi promoter has any ethics they will explain this to their customers, and help them learn how to eat right with real foods.

      Prove to me however that Visalus is worse for you than Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and the handful of Drugs prescribed to treat these conditions, and you will be onto something here.

      There are Hundreds of traditional companies misleading people with Billions spent on marketing of there products, you could fill your website absolutely full of this stuff, just like Wal Mart has filled their shelves with this “food”. So again, why single out Visalus? My guess is due to the type of business Visalus is. The movement or excitement created threatens you for some reason.

      People have said to me “can’t you do this with regular food” and I say absolutely! But you’ve had regular food available to you this whole time, so what’s the hold up?

      Oh, and it turns out the Duke University Study on Sucralose was bogus and financed by the Sugar Industry.

      Bottom line, if you have an issue with Visalus don’t use it. Simple as that. But if you’ve ever eaten at McDonalds or drank a Coca-Cola maybe you should bash those companies as well. Visalus seems like the least of the world’s issues right now.

  28. Ted says:

    I search the visalus webpage for ingredients and couldn’t find them. At that point it became clear that they are not promoting good food and health but how much $$ you can make if you sign up everyone you know.

    • Lisa says:

      Thats because they dont want you to know what’s really in it Ted.
      I hope if you are thinking about trying it you PLEASE think of other options. The stuff made me severely ill, and it sadden’s me to think that the person who I got it from said “it’s even safe for pregnant women”. :((
      Im upset with myself for being so careless in taking it before getting ALL the facts but hey if my experience helps anyone than it was worth it.

      Peace to you, and yours.

  29. paul says:

    I bought the Visalus shakes and my girlfrined who is a Naturalpath doctor read the label and urged me not to drink it. Artifical flavors,the sucralose, and the soy loaded with harmful pesticides and insecticides.

    I am actively involved with a wonderful Christian based company that has all natural shakes and about the healthiest bars you will ever find called GBG..Guided By God. The founder is truly blessing families and the world will soon know about how he is carrying out God’s plan to help millions of people.
    Thank you for this wonderful site. Keep spreading the good news!

    Paul Kenny

  30. Jarge says:

    what an extreme quack website this is – and manipulative – using God for selfish purposes, disguised cleverly as self-rightousness. How low down is that!

  31. Karen says:

    Thanks for this informative post. I totally agree with everything you are saying. I would not promote this product because I don’t believe the ingredients lead to long term health.

    I believe in whole nutritious food and think one must be very careful to read the ingredients in anything, even if it is being promoted as a weight loss product.

    I agree that making money promoting something like this is not right and it’s definitely not something I could feel good about.

    Thanks for educating everyone about the ingredients. There should be more information out there on ingredients in food.

  32. Do your homework. You owe it to yourself to google every ingredient in anything you put in your or your family’s mouth. I am using Ziga, based on Moringa with great results. Do your homework. I did.

  33. Shay Farrior says:

    I was a Visalus promoter and did find that the product does as advertised, help to burn fat and build lean muscle. The problem that I have with the Vishape (not with any of their other products is) everytime I would drink it I would experience excruciating headaches. My mother and 10 year old daughter experienced these same side effects. Whenever I would make a shake for someone I was always worried if the headache would manifest. I think that VISALUS is a great company but the Vishape shake is not for me at all.

    • Jarge says:

      Your headaches may be due to the detoxifying effects. Start slow and build . . .

      • eric says:

        We detox every day from consumption of fruit, water, and exercise. That doesn’t cause headaches. The headaches are most likely from the artificial sweetener. Headaches is actually one of the most common side effects from sweeteners. You should’t have to “build up” to eating anything.

        Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin. Avoid them all. If you don’t want to take my word for it google them.

  34. Melissa says:

    I would have a lot more respect about this product and the “distributors” if they were up front about the fact that they earn a ton of commission from each ‘recruit’ and sale. Friendships have actually been ruined because of the drive to make money. For many who are associated with this business, it is not about being more healthy or making a lifestyle change. It’s about making money. Simple as that. People who don’t like to cook and claim they have “no time” to exercise (when they are stay at home mothers – all kids in full-time school) are running a scam (yes, I said SCAM) to promote this product.

    What is sad and disheartening is that the “distributors” target people who have low self-esteem and/or weight issues. Rather than encouraging exercise and healthy eating, they encourage putting cookies (yes, COOKIES) in a shake and “lose weight while eating cake”.

    What kind of nonsense is this?

    What is even more sad is that people with weight issues are so desperate to get rid of the weight, the will try anything. Bingo, money in the pocket!! Nobody bothers to read the ingredients. Sad, sad stuff.

    I know people in this business, and I am ashamed of their lack of values and morals. Just be up front about your commission. PLEASE! Stop pretending to care about peoples health when it is all about money.

    • Sheila says:

      I just want to say I love your reply. So true. I too was a promoter and jumped on the bandwagon only to research later. After I did my research and tried to discuss it with my leader, she shut me out as did all in my upline. Sad… they are all lining their pockets with gold. I care about peoples health, not the money I will make from their weight issues.

      • sjpoff says:

        Wow. Thank you so much for your comment Sheila, and for staying strong to do the right thing even when it was hard! God’s blessings to you for your commitment to health!

      • Crystal says:

        Ok, Sheila…if you were a promoter, you’ll have no issues proving it. Provide us all with your distributor ID-(even if you canceled, it still exists & we can still view your profile!)

        • Roger Hemmerling says:

          I can see that Sheila never provided the requested information. Clearly she is hiding. As far as people bashing the fact that we promoters make money from the sale of the product. Ask yourself this dummy…how much commission do you think the person made who sold you the very computer you’re typing on, the internet service you are using to host this site, the car you drive, the food you eat, the soap you use to wash your hands, the list goes on. Fact tis that unless you’re growin or making it yourself, it had to be made by another individual and I guarantee you that somewhere along the line before it came into your hands…it HAD to be sold and someone made a commission from that sale!!! The difference here is that instead of paying millions of dollars on traditional advertising…that money gets redirected to those of us that promote the product.Yes, I agree that for some people this product doesn’t agree with them and has unfortunate side effects. But the same is true of just about anything! People are deathly alergic to peanuts (as said earlier on this site)…does that mean that everybody on earth should stay away from peanuts? Does that also mean that the people who make commissions from the sale of peanuts are evil? If you have any common sense at don’t have to answer that. As far as selling people…although I have had multiple opportunities to sign people up on the higher end Challenge Kits…I do not do so. I do believe in starting this program conservatively with a much more affordable Challenge Kit just to make sure that this program will work for them (cause it’s does not for everybody). We are not just out to make a sale here. Our intentions are good and we are merely trying to help people. If we make money from that then there’s nothing wrong with that. Cause if it is…then the person who sold you a stove is just as evil as we are cause they made money from providing you with an easier, faster and more convenient way to cook. Or the person who sold you a car is just as evil cause they sold you an easier, faster and more convenient way to get from one place to another!

          • Nicole says:

            I’ll step up, I was a promoter/distributor as well… let me tell you, I did the same thing, jumped on the bandwagon & then saw what the shakes were doing to both myself & my husband.

            His headaches became so bad that we had to take a trip to the ER after he had them for over two weeks. My weight actually went up because the shakes triggered my thyroid issues.

            I won’t provide my distributor ID but I will tell you that the Reali couple were my upline and they’re super successful… but I even told them from the beginning I wasn’t going to be having “Challenge Parties” and I was almost promised I’d still make money.

          • Michelle says:

            I am a Promoter and I also own another business. I laugh at the people who say we are lining our pockets with gold….Here’s a thought for you: If you work for ANY company they are making Money off of you. They pay you to work for them. My sister works for a Make Up company and makes commission off her sales. I own a business and I am the middle man. Do you think I’m not making a mark up on my products I sell to my customers? Darn straight I am. EDUCATE YOURSELF, LOL!!!

    • Michelle says:

      ha ha Cookies in the shake is not what we promote. The recipe is called an Oreo Shake because that is what it taste like. Just like the butterfinger shake has a TBSP of peanut butter added and it tastes just like a butterfinger. This website is based on peoples opinions. And that is basically what it is…an opinion. I am not a scientist, you are not a scientist but the people behind making the vi shakes are. ViSalus employs a talented team of medical experts, nutritionists, food scientists, microbiologists, formulators, chemists, engineers, testing agencies, sensory experts and other scientists all supporting ViSalus products. I will admit in the beginning I had a headache for the first three days. Not any different than a headache I would get when I cut out bad calories from my diet. It’s called detoxing. I love the shakes and that is my opinion. I have had great results and so has my family, friends and people I don’t know personally but ordered the product from me. No has yet to complain to me about the products. I personally have only had praise from them. I eat “Real Food” with my shakes, healthy snacks in between and a nice meal of my choice. I tell my customer’s to do the same. WE STILL EAT FOOD!!! ViSalus has 150,000 new people joining the Challenge every month. If it were so terrible then why would so many people continue join? Some Doctor’s agree with it and some don’t. The one’s that don’t are usually the ones who will perscribe a pill to fix the problem. They are the one’s who are making money off you. My Doctor looked at the product and said “This is far better than the Crap they sell on the shelves. And it is far better than the crap we eat today”. So again it’s one opinion against another. FYI: Alcohol kills more people everyday and people probably drink that more than they do our shakes. Yet they continue to sell it. It damages our body far more than the Vi shakes do. How about do some educating on that first. Have a nice day!

  35. sadie says:

    please let me know if you are allergic to shellfish…can you take this product.???

  36. salsa says:

    this is a good publicity for Visalus:)Thanks Sara ! more power !

  37. Mimi says:

    Everyone, by now I thought, knew that Splenda is detrimental to MEMORY. Noticed this when Splenda came out, and I was drinking Diet Pepsi. I began experiencing extreme memory loss each afternoon. Some time later, the facts started rolling in from medical studies and I got it. I stopped eating foods containing Splenda, and I stopped drinking all soft drinks (full of acid) for good measure. None of these chemically altered sweeteners are good for us. Studies have shown that burning off (through exercise) the carbohydrates we take in is the best defense against too much. We should eat complex carbs, like whole grains and vegetables, yes? Come on…….

    The other thing is, in answer to one of the comments above…..olives and nuts are are NOT VEGETABLES. If vegetable oils are bad for us, and they have been proven to be not the greatest as many are chemically altered, then we should use other natural oils which are proven to have beneficial effects on the heart and digestive system. We need to use natural olive, nut, and coconut ois in our foods. I also use butter…it is natural. They also help reduce inflammation. So, for me, Visalus products contain several things that caused me to say “No” to the hype when people were calling and telling me that this would be a good thing for me to have auto deducted from my bank account every month….NOT. Just my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. And, in addition, let me say that all of the mega hype turns me off big time. Free BMWs don’t grow on trees and they don’t come out of a high quality product whose profit margin is not ridiculously inflated through using lesser quality ingredients. Furthermore, 90 day challenges don’t produce permanent weight loss either. It has been proven that long term weight loss is much healthier and easier to maintain. Forget dumping toxins into your bloodstream quickly and silently. There are quite a few things that are less than ideal with this picture. As for me, I’m going to eat real food, and maybe start growing it too.

  38. Natasha Kay says:

    I completely agree with your last paragraph! Thanks for your in-depth review on these highly-processed “junk food” health products.

  39. John Higgins says:

    “Healthy Familes For God”? Maybe I have a different God then. Visalus isn’t cheating worshippers in the Temple, Jesus hasn’t picked up His whip as far as I can tell, so I don’t understand the biased anger from a site professing a God of love. I PERSONALLY know of Christian families in MUCH better health now thanks to Visalus, with our without the ingredients you pick on, which are also miniscule in amounts and present everywhere.

    I agree..NATURAL foods WOULD be great, IF our soils were not REPEATEDLY PROVEN to be deplete of the nutrients God put there in the first place. When I grew up, we were “strong to the finish ‘ cause we ate our spinach” like Popeye, but back THEN a serving of spinach had just over 1,100mg of iron. Today? Two. 2mg of iron on average, unless you are growing it yourself organically in “virgin” soil. God gave us nutritional consumables and supplements just like he gave us surgeons and doctors to help our bodies too…unless this site is of the belief that God alone does everything, and abhors doctors as well. Sorry for MY apparent anger…but one-sided, short-sighted and slanted journalism always irks me, but it “in the name of God’s calling”..and yep, I look for a whip. Or at least a keyboard.

    Not judging you on the other side of the site, that’s not my place at all. But God is love AND truth, and this blog steps on both, in my humble opinion.

    • John says:

      You mention deplete soils.. Brigs up the question: Why is that? – Why have our soils been depleted of all it’s nutrients? Here’s the answer:

      We gave up on god many years ago. He teaches us how to farm and all His methods use organic heirloom seeds (sow no mingled seed) and every 7 years the crop is to be tilled under. Called a land sabbath. That is what gives the soil it’s nutrients back that have been sucked out in the produce you have been eating. It’s simple.. We thought we knew better than God and came up with all these GMO’s and pesticides, fertilizers soil enrichers etc.. Now, like you clearly stated a serving of spinach contains 2 mg iron instead of the 1100 from the way back machine.

      Abhoring Dr’s? Hell no.. Dr’s do a great job at fixing people that come in from a car wreck, or falling and breaking their leg etc. trauma medicine is where the medical profession shines. Healing and preventative? An MD would laugh at you because he is a drug pusher from Merck. Another thumb in the nose to God.. He said let your food be your medicine. Pharma and MD’s are profit driven and don’t give a rat’s ass about your health. They want to produce an addictive product that causes many more symptoms so that you are dependent on them for the rest of your life to the tune of about $$$$ a month. God gave us Dr’s yes. Then the Medical associations took over and screwed it all up.

  40. C.J. says:

    I just have a few things to say for either side.
    First of all, I came across this because a good friend of mine has had three recalled shipments in the 4 months she has been on ViSalus. A product that is that easily contaminated/mixed wrong cannot be good for you. I agree that God makes it best and try as hard as I can to put real food into our bodies. ViSalus kind of scares me, but so do a lot of things that I can’t avoid.
    But things like ViSalus used short-term can be very helpful to people. It can motivate people who have been trying to get healthy God’s way for years and it’s too slow (and by that I mean the doc’s are worried or they are too heavy to do high impact exercise). A little boost can help, and I personally know honest Christians who are selling it to promote good health overall. God gave us the brains to help fix some of the problems we have brought on ourselves. If we could all become healthier, and stay healthy, wouldn’t our Father be pleased? Think about it. We do not breathe the same air we did 2000 years ago. Our food is not that much worse.

  41. – Awesome truth’s my Brother !

    Appreciate your courage to tell the truth about Visalus as we’ve been saying since they started with the hype.


  42. Markus says:

    I love how Visalus is the only brand you bash on your website! Oh wait, your a monavie promoter???!! No WONDER! NOW I GET IT! I hope karma comes and bites you in the ass! God would surly bring it back around to you!

  43. Crystal says:

    DDT and Sucralose are totally two different substances. Chlorinated Hydrocarbon (DDT) and Chlorinated carbohydrate (sucralose).
    Hard to understand if you haven’t even taken a simple chemistry class.

  44. Shane says:

    First let me say that I am not a distributor or a customer of Visalus.

    It seems to me if you wanted to approach this with a Christ like heart you would see a bigger picture. If you are going to rant(which is important to do), then consider the other factors involved here. Of course we should all eat organic food, etc, But most folks cant afford organic food.

    Many of these people that take this 90 day challenge by Visalus do get better nutrition than their current diet provides. And losing weight reduces their chance for diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, etc, etc.

    Have you ever stopped to think that many of these people, BECAUSE of dieting with others, start to eat healthier and have more awareness of what goes in their bodies. This leads them down the path of a diet more pleasing to God.

    And from my understanding, by developing customers, a person using Visalus can then add additional income to allow them to then afford organic food, Dr. Mercola’s products, nutrionists, personal trainers etc

    I personally feel that attacking a particular product has devastating consequences (even if unintended)on some brothers and sisters incomes. The same Christians that are helping people to a healthier (not perfect)lifestyle.

    A more Christ like approach may be to ENCOURAGE others to use the 90-day challenge as a time to get truly educated on long term health.You and others are doing a great job with resources for just that.

    I’m not in love with everything in the shakes but they are a healthier option than slim fast, mcdonalds, and processed foods.

    At least give negative reviews on every single product sold by a mlm company containing ingredients you feel aren’t healthy.

    Thanks again for your website and your passion for healthy eating!

    • sjpoff says:

      Thanks for your comment Shane! I will consider your points prayerfully. Blessings, Sara

    • Matt Vessey says:

      I just recently came across the Visalus product and had issues with the ingredients as well.

      I find this board very interesting and helpful, especially since it comes from a spiritual perspective.

      Shane, I take issue with the “let’s just encourage them” mentality. Encourage them? Yes, but we don’t have to encourage sub-par products. There are many other products out there that can be used to diet supplementation.

      I take Essential 7 and whey protein from (from Integris). They have products that are the closest to the real thing that you can get, no artificial anything. So, perhaps we need to educate and encourage. I think it goes both ways.

  45. wendy says:

    So why only visalus products and not other products?? There are thousands upon thousands of food that were not from the ground and use worst things!! Just curious? I think there is something else behind your crusade. Just sayin.

    • sjpoff says:

      🙂 You’re right Wendy. My reason is that I have seen many, many Christians be deceived by the marketing of this product, more so than other products. My mission is to help strengthen God’s army; and when fellow brothers and sisters are profiting off of others and potentially causing them to have health problems, that is something that I believe God would take issue with! Of course there are many other things, including other diets and shakes, which explains my other webpages with info on eating healthy:-) Thank you for taking the time to comment Wendy!

      • Shay says:

        What about Shaklee? Isagenix? Melaleuca? They all “preach” the same thing?

        What network marketing company do you promote?

        It’s realy sad when you use your bible as your scape goat for fear of trying something new. I promote the challenge, but I also promote healthy eating, working out and having a lifestyle change.

        Just because promoting something other than negative views, doesn’t sit well with you, does not mean that you have to bash a company that is busting records and truly helping people.

      • Lawrence says:

        I think your message would come across much better if you got off the “God” bandwagon, using religion is just as manipulative. I am a very devout Christian, but choose to keep that separate. Simply presenting the facts, and then letting people research them and decide for themselves, in my opinion, would be a much better approach. Also, singling out one out of the hundreds of other products would seem more objective as well. Again, just my opinion.

        • sjpoff says:

          Thanks for your opinion Lawrence. However, my mission and instructions come from God and I will seek to obey Him only. And yes, I’m on the “God” bandwagon if that means I am sold out to God. He is my life, my foundation, my everything. I can do nothing apart from Him, because whatever I do apart from Him fails! So I strive to base everything I do on Him and Him alone.

  46. Carolynn Hunsucker says:

    Hello again. Please see my comments regarding your last article that specifically spoke against ViSalus. I am really confused about why you have specifically chosen ViSalus to refer to, since I would and do argue many of these same issues FOR ViSalus and not against..

    Regarding Vegetable Oils: I would just like to say that the only person who should discount ViSalus shakes for this reason should be the person who avoids every oil except for Olive and Nut Oils and all processed foods (boxed, canned, pre-made, and restaurant), because Vegetable Oils are extremely common and found in almost everything. Sunflower oil is one of the healthiest oils, having a high amount of Monounsatturated Oil in it (like Olive and Nut Oils), so perhaps it’s a give and take. True about our bodies needing Omega 3 oils. Glad you mentioned that: ViSalus carries a product called Omega Vitals, which is double-molecularly distilled for toxin removal. It contains Fish, Pumkin Seed, Flax Seed, and Primrose Oils, and is fantastically high in Omega 3’s-the best I’ve ever seen. There is no belching or tasting up of it either, and it is very cost-effective.

    Regarding the “Artificial Flavors,” what specific artificial flavoring are you referring to? Since there is not any specific type listed (as would be required if it was something chemical), I’m not sure that this should be used to speak negatively about a product. And regarding artificial flavorings being made from Aborted Babies, I think, according to the article that you’ve provided a link for, that it might be more accurate to say that some 3 specific companies have done this horrendous thing to TEST their artificial flavorings. There is absolutely no reason to believe that, with all of the flavoring companies, that ViSalus uses one of these 3 companies, though I would be happy to research that for you, if that truly is a concern.

    And lastly, regarding Sucralose/Splenda: ViSalus goes to extremes to put natural sweeteners in their products. They use healthy, non-cramping sugar alcohols, which you will likely not find in other products unless you are in the health food store. They also use Splenda (Sucralose). Sucralose is Brown Sugar that goes through a Chlorination process to remove the glycemic load that is so dangerous to diabetics and those with hyperinsulinemia (yo-yo dieters). White sugar also goes through a chlorination process, that’s what makes it white. Any minute, residual chlorine that might possibly be found in Splenda, CAN cause some of our body’s natural flora to die, especially if taken in large amounts (remember, if this is a concern, then you would certainly never drink chlorinated water). Great News! ViSalus is Loaded with PREbiotics, which are specific nutrients to fuel your natural flora. It is amazing how for the first time in my life, since starting on ViSalus, I have no longer had Any issue with Yeast overgrowth (which before then was a chronic problem in my body). This is due to the increase, not decrease in my body’s natural flora.

    Chemical, “artificial” sweeteners, like Aspertame, I agree, are poison, and I always always stay away from them to the extreme of only chewing gum that I can get from the health food store. I don’t think it is fair, however, to put Sucralose in that same category, and certainly not to say that ViSalus is unhealthy because of Sucralose.

    I thank you for your concern on these specific dangers to our bodies, but again, I believe that you are being really unfair to ViSalus, and I am really curious about why you have chosen it in particular, to associate all of these issues with. Please research these issues further and then possibly consider an article on how ViSalus can help prevent someone from developing Diabetes and the dangers of this. Or how dangerous Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Insulin and Hypoglycemic medications are and how ViSalus has helped so very many people to heal naturally (to where their doctors have taken them off the medication).

    Again, I would love to have a God-pleasing conversation with you on the phone or to correspond with you via email regarding ViSalus. Again, I am concerned about all of these same issues that you discuss, but that is the Reason why I have chosen ViSalus specifically. I have been taking ViSalus twice daily since July, and I have had numerous health improvements -a true transformation for my life.

    Thank you for your time,

    Carolynn Hunsucker, RN

    • sjpoff says:

      Wow! Thanks for your comments Carolynn! Your research is very admirable! I very often get the argument that Visalus shakes have helped people who otherwise would have possibly died from complications resulting from things like heart disease and diabetes. But my concern with this argument remains true to my belief that God’s ways are best, as this argument acts as though Visalus or dying from health problems are the only two options. There is a third option that is being forgotten–God’s foods, in the natural state that He created them in. No matter how you “shake” it, Visalus products are still highly-processed products that don’t qualify as “food” when compared to foods in God’s creation. I believe they can help people in the short-term but their long-term effects remain to be seen. I have received many comments and emails from Visalus consumers confirming the health effects listed. In fact, hundreds of people everyday find this article because they are searching the internet for the reasons why they are having health problems after being on Visalus.

      I personally know people who have healed themselves of cancer from simply consuming solely God’s foods in their most natural state. Imagine the impact on our health if we did that BEFORE we have health problems! No matter what details we go into regarding the ingredients in this product, it is still man-made. I trust God more than I trust man. And that is why we do not consume processed things like vegetable oils (yes, we avoid them ALL–it is possible). Like I said, I think Visalus can work for many people in the short-term. But I also think that it’s a quick-fix that people are choosing when they do not have the willpower to transition to God’s foods. Visalus is a trend; God’s foods are not.

      I want to thank you again for your comments. Congratulations on your health improvements! I pray they will continue:)


      • Roger Hemmerling says:

        Like I said in an earlir reply Sara…God didn’t create the computer you are using for this site, the car you drive, the stove you use to cook your “created God’s way” food, the house you live in. I expect to see you on the next season of “Survivor” and winning it all cause you live your life just like they have to on a daily basis! Because EVERYTHING else we use to make life easier each and every day were created by people…NOT GOD! I’m not bashing God here…I’m just trying to get you to look into the mirror and see how rediculous you are being by bashing on one company that is doing good things (serving well over 1 millions meals to communities in need) and using God’s nameto do it.

    • David says:

      I have seen this exact same reply before. It came from VIsalus… When you sell the product you get a frequently asked question sheet in your selling package…

    • Laynnabee says:

      I would appreciate it if Carolyn would contact me personally regarding Visalus. I’m trying to read about the pros and cons, but this site has made me more confused about the product.
      Most of you speak of migraines and vomiting due to a product, but I personally have developed a migraine and feel like vomiting after reading so much about ‘what God created’?
      God created fruits and vegetables that were grown in rich, toxic free soil. That was years and years ago. Thanks to the higher powers that run our world now, we don’t have the luxury of eating ‘fresh’, pure, anything!!!

      Get a grip people, our world is ‘artifical’ in everything we eat and touch in a day. Gmo, GEO engineering, weather modifications and in proper labeling is what our word is made of now! That’s why our grandparents lived so long and heathy. They ate only what they grew. Problem is, we can’t do that. I have a veggie garden, but I can ‘t grow corn because it is all GMO. So what is one to do to get healthy food anymore?
      Interested in a response but without the ‘God’ factor. Btw, I am a strong Christian but my beliefs are a separate issue.

  47. […] investigation revealed even more problems with Visalus shakes.  Read the update here: *{margin:0; padding:0;} #socialbuttonnav li{background:none;overflow:hidden;width:65px; […]

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