Personalized Health & Nutrition Counseling Services

I have found that even with the many free resources I provide, some people benefit greatly from one-on-one assistance during the difficult transition to health and whole foods, especially when health issues are present. Consequently, I offer nutrition counseling services. There are two types of personal counseling services that I offer:

1. Health Evaluation & Initial Wellness Plan

The initial wellness plan includes a packet of information that I compile based on a personalized and careful assessment of each individual’s current diet, medications, health issues, and more. I have studied the nutritional deficiencies medications can cause, as well as the links between dietary consumption of specific foods and the health effects. I have had many clients coming to me with thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, damaged gut health, psychological illness, and more. The great news is that there are almost always dietary and environmental steps that can be taken to reduce/eliminate these health problems.

Using the information from the client, I will select a few steps that would be best for the client to incorporate first. The initial client wellness plan will include tips on incorporating those steps, as well as recommendations for supplements and other important health measures to be taken.

The Initial Client Wellness Plan that includes an evaluation of the client’s current dietary habits, medication, and health issues and put into a full-color pdf is only $75. If you currently struggle with health problems, I highly recommending choosing this service. You may be surprised at the things you learn, most of which doctors will not tell you. Vitamin deficiencies, when corrected instead of medicated, can reverse a multitude of diseases!

I have many clients who come to me for help with conditions like IBS/Crohns/Colitis, hormonal imbalances (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles, early menopause, ovarian cysts, etc.), thyroid problems, food/environmental allergies, hypertension, and much more. There ARE ways to heal these conditions through nutrition and natural supplements! There IS hope! Do not let your doctor tell you that these conditions require a lifelong dependence on prescription drugs!

My nutrition counseling service can be done both in-person and/or online. Some local clients prefer to schedule an initial in-person consultation appointment; other local clients and non-local clients can simply request an initial client information email to begin receiving nutrition counseling services and/or their initial personalized plan. You can also request to have an online conference call for your consultation and/or to have one after the plan is complete to discuss the steps that way. (Additional fees may apply.)

I have had clients from all over the world, including Australia and the UK. To read what my clients are saying, go to Testimonials here.

Is changing your health and the rest of your life worth $75 to you?! If you’re ready to make some big changes and feel great, you can email me at, use the contact form below to request a food log and health questionnaire form, or download the forms here by clicking on them below and then email them to me.

Food log 5 day


Health Questionnaire


(Through Paypal, you can also choose to participate in the Bill Me Later option for services over $99. Use this for your wellness plan fee and the first month’s accountability and encouragement counseling or for a wellness plan for yourself and another loved one with health issues!

*If you are trying to conceive or pregnant, please go here instead for more information on my prenatal/TTC nutrition counseling services.


2. Monthly One-On-One Counseling

For those who have already taken the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and/or have already received an initial wellness plan, this service provides one-on-one 24/7 assistance. It includes a weekly email reviewing the current recommendations, facts, links for further info, recipes, menu plans, and inspirational encouragement. This service is $25-75/month (depending on the level of service needed) and can be discontinued at any time. The $50 monthly counseling fee also includes two weeks of personalized menu plans each month, designed around your current dietary preferences and the steps outlined in your wellness plan. The $75 fee includes four weeks of personalized menu plans for each month of service.

For more information, please email me at or use the contact form below.

3. Email Questions/Inquiries

You know those free kittens on the side of the road? How many of them usually end up in the animal shelter? More than those that were $10, right?! In the past, I find that when I offer my time and knowledge for free, it is more likely to be tossed aside or taken lightly. That is valuable time that could have been given to my family or used to serve others. And since there are thousands of people on my Facebook page, the time adds up quick with the amount of inquiries I get.

Consequently, I am now asking brief health questions to be filtered through this form using the Paypal button below. I get a lot of questions every day about many, many more simple health concerns including fungal/bacterial infections, gallbladder issues, detoxing, juice fasting, strep throat, and so much more. Honestly, I really hesitated to do this but have recently found myself spending more time answering the many messages I receive than I should, which has been cutting into my homeschooling/homemaking responsibilities, as well as time away from current clients.

**Please note that this option is not for more in-depth health problems that would require an analysis of the person’s diet and health history. This is more for brief questions about temporary illnesses and such. If the health problem(s) presented in this consult are too much for a simple phone/email consult, I will recommend an initial wellness plan (see above). If this is chosen, the phone/email consult cost will be waived and the client will only pay the $50 for the wellness plan.

Examples of things that would classify as just a brief consult rather than a personal wellness plan:

–“My 1-year old has a chronic cough. What can I do?”

–“What is your opinion on this supplement or other ones like it that I should take for…?” or “What supplement would you recommend for…?”

–“What can I do for a parasite infection?”

–“How can I naturally treat a vaginal infection?”

–“My little one has a rash…”

–“We recently came down with the ____ in our home. What can we do?”

–Pretty much anything that starts with “What is your opinion….”

Examples of questions that would NOT be good for this but would require a personal consultation and wellness plan (#1 above):

–“I just found out my thyroid levels are ___. How can I naturally regain good thyroid health.”

–“We have been trying to conceive for ___. What are some other things I can do?” (See my Prenatal/TTC counseling services.)

–“My little one has been on antibiotics and other meds for ____ and their health just gets worse. What can we do?”

–“I have IBS, chronic fatigue, etc.”

–“Are there natural alternatives for treating ______?”

It is my deepest passion to help people in the areas of their health, and I have spent many hours and years researching illnesses, infections, and health problems so that I am very well equipped to help people in most health situations. Because of this knowledge, I love to answer people’s questions. And I want to do it for free for everyone! But then I find myself doing it at the cost of my family. Since my first job is to be a Jesus-following, homeschooling mom to my five (going on 6) children, cooking them healthy homemade meals from scratch, taking care of our chickens and garden, and so on, I decided it would help filter questions and inquiries this way to maintain my family time.

To request help with a particular question, please use the Paypal button below, entering your email address, and your question. You can also enter your question in the option for instructions to seller.

Email Question/Inquiry $10

Enter your email address

(If you would prefer a phone consultation instead, please use the contact form below. Phone consultations are $25 for 30 minutes.)

Thank you all so much for understanding. I look forward to continuing to help everyone!


Or skip all these various fees and check out my NEW Concierge service fee schedule for a cheaper way to get holistic health services from HFFG, in-person and/or online! Click here for more info!


What are my qualifications?

After writing articles for various magazines on health and wellness, I decided to start helping people on a more personal level. I then began digging deep and researching the truth about our food and the illnesses that plague our society. My reference point always remained to be the Bible. There’s a lot more about food and health in the Bible than you can imagine!

I have studied Biblical Health Counseling and Nutritional Counseling through various programs because I wanted to have as much information and education as I could before helping people. After studying through The American Association of Nutritional Consultants and receiving approval to go ahead with my final exam, I decided not to obtain certification. Why? Because of state laws, this puts a legal burden on me due to increasingly strict state regulations to dominate the healthcare market. (For more info, go here to read why certification is not always the wise way to go.)  Although my state also restricts me from bearing the naturopathic doctor credentials available through the school I have chosen, I am nonetheless studying the information for that as well so that I can help people as much as possible.

I have some pretty amazing clients who are not just losing weight, but are bringing their food habits under the control of God instead of being controlled by food. My clients have been able to get off medications for things like blood pressure and low thyroid function due to the changes they are making. Read some of their Testimonials here.

Contrary to popular medical belief, almost every single illness can either be prevented and/or reversed through proper nutrition. For instance, 90% of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with a whole foods diet. Even things like MS, cancer, migraines, and body odor are all related to nutrition in more ways than most people know.

Getting nutrition counseling isn’t just about being skinny. Being healthy and not being dragged down by disease, fatigue, and depression is my goal for every one of God’s children!

Think it’s not possible to be disease-free in a fallen world? Even after sin entered the world, look at what God promised His chosen people:

“If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you.” Exodus 15:26

I also offer personal nutrition counseling for those trying to conceive and for those that are pregnant. Please go here for more info on that.

I also do classes/workshops for churches, co-ops, moms’ groups, pregnancy groups, etc. If you have a group that would benefit from a nutrition workshop, check out more information here or contact me at

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the enemy convince you to turn away from getting the help you need to live in abundance and freedom!

3 John 2: “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”


Do you have a passion for helping others get healthy? Are you wondering where to start? Click here to find out what I recommend.

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